10 Beach Wear Suitable For All Times

The fashion of swimwear has been there ever since fashion has been in style. Just like fashion, it evolves with the decades and trends to give us the wide range of swimwear we have today. Nowadays, swimwear mostly consists of two piece suits to wear on the beach, pool or anywhere in between. Over the years, there have been many variations on swimwears. So lets take a look at the swimwear’s that have been trending.

  1. HALTER 

A halter swimsuit is similar to a triangular top. The fabric that goes around the neck is thicker, which is ideal for women who have a large bust. Halter swimsuits look delightful on a sunny day. Firstly, they have an appropriate fit to the body. Secondly, they are perfect for the women who do not wish to reveal much of their body.


one piece

Many women feel more comfortable in less skin-baring, more supporting swim suit. One piece swimwears range is styles and coverage and lately more two-piece like suits are becoming popular. One piece swim wears are flattering for all body types. Sometimes, they include a built in skirt or a bust support which makes these suits super comfy for women. One piece swimsuits have stayed in trend right from the time they came in trend.


bandeau swim wear

A bandeau does not have shoulder straps and is a large strip of fabric that covers the bust. They either tie or clasp at the back and are recommended for smaller chested women. Bandeau’s look pretty at the beach or at any other water body. They have also stayed in trend since a very long time. Bandeau’s add a very girly look and bring out the best in you.


tankini swim wear

The tankini style offers maximum coverage. It is an ideal style for those who still want to leave something to be desired, but don’t want to sacrifice looking fashionable . A tankini is similar to a tank top. It has a fitted bust and a slight empire waist. A tankini also has the convenience of a two piece. Tankini’s are very comfortable and one does not have to be outfit conscious.


brazillian bottom

Most women opt for Brazilian bottoms as they have gained a lot of popularity. Most of the retail swimwear sold to different countries is from Brazil. Hence, Brazilian cut bottoms are in vogue. These are wonderful for women who love fashionable swimwear. Also, they’re totally perfect for women who crave a little extra sun.


skirted bottom

Skirted bottoms can come in a Brazilian or thong cut. Skirted bottoms are great if you want to add a cute flair or cover your hips. Skirted bottoms look great at the beach and add a girlish effect to your outfit. However, due to the extra material , skirted bottoms take a little extra time to dry than any other bottoms skirts might.


high waist bottom

High waist bottoms typically go up to the belly button. Since the time High waist bottom swim wears were invented, they have never gone out of style. High waist bottoms have extra fabric. This extra fabric is ideal for those who worry a lot about a low waisted bottom staying in place or showing too much skin.


cover up

Cover up’s are a great asset to any bathing suit. By pulling on a simple skirt or a over-the-head, loose fitting dress can make a swim suit ready to wear at any beach. Most cover up’s are made up of cotton, which dries quickly. It helps you to avoid the awkward wet patches caused by a wet suit. Cover up’s look elegant at the beach and help your stay comfortable.


shorts swim wear

Shorts swim wear can probably nod their popularity to the fact that they are easily wearable and extremely comfortable and cozy. These are the one of the most flattering swim suits. Shorts offer an easy on and off as well as personal adjustment. You can also mix and match any shorts and bikini top.



The bikini tops and bottoms can come in many different shapes and styles. Out of all the swim swears, bikini has stayed in vogue forever and has reached a new level of popularity. A basic bikini will have adjoining strings that go around the neck and around the back. Whereas, the bikini’s that have been trending lately are strapless and consist of an elastic.



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