10 Beauty hacks part 2..

Hello guys, I shared with you 10 beauty hacks earlier and here I am with a few more. As I had promised to give you the best beauty hacks, here go the rest of the hacks….

Apply concealer in a V shape

v shape concealer

Apply concealer in a V shape and not just around it. People usually end up applying concealer around the eyes in a semi circular motion. This infact does not give you perfect coverage for the skin around your eyes. Apply the concealer in a V shape to give maximum coverage and effect.

Use concealer on your lips

concealer to make glossy lipstick matte

Use concealer on your lips to make a glossy lipstick look matte. Apply concealer onto your lips after moisturizing your lips. After that just apply your glossy lipstick on. You will see that your lipstick is looking matte. This is the magic this concealer hack gives to your lips and lipsticks. Now you can never say that I do not have a matte lipstick.

Use the 3 number to contour your face

easy contour

Use the 3 number to contour your face. There are a lot of contouring hacks and tricks and tutorials available online. But the easiest and most effective hack out of all of them is this one. Highlight the inner part with a 3 and contour with the darker shade on the outside of the face and blend blend blend.

Use band aid to create dotted nail art

nail art with band aid

Use band aid to create dotted nail art. Apply a base coat and let it dry, then take the sticky part of the band aid which has holes, and place it on your nails. On top of that apply the color of nail paint which you want as dots. Let it dry after that remove the band aid. ET Viola!

Nail Art tools

nail art dotting tools

If you want to do nail art but do not have nail art tools, then just use your pen, booby pin. Tooth pick, ear buds or safety pin instead.

Cornstarch to nail paint

cornstarch for matte nails

Cornstarch to nail paint to get matte finish. Just mix a bit of corn starch to your nail paint to transform your ordinary nail paint into matte nail paint.

Makeup Removal Wipes

makeup wipes

Always keep makeup removal wipes on the bedside so that you can never have an excuse to not remove your makeup. This will not only remove your makeup but also prevent you from breaking the rule of never sleep with your makeup on.

Rub Vaseline or any foot cream

vaseline and socks

Rub Vaseline or any foot cream that you like on your feet, put on socks and head to your bed. This will give you pretty and smooth feet also it will prevent cracked feet.


If you end up buying a foundation that is too dark than your skin tone, then use a moisturizer with it while applying it onto your skin. This will reduce the darkness and give you a brighter tone of foundation.

To make your lipstick last longer

lipstick last longer

To make your lipstick last longer, put a thin tissue onto your lips after applying the lipstick and then dust some translucent powder onto it.
Also, if you want your lips to look fuller, put clear gloss in the centre of your lips.

Hope you guys found all the beauty hacks useful and that you will try it out pretty soon. Have a Great day and keep looking gorgeous…

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