10 Best Looks for Men for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and so everyone is bound to be excited about it as it is a day of joy and a day to celebrate your love. Couples find special things to do on the day. Single people revel in the celebrations and hope to find love in their lives. Even non-couples celebrate the day with their family and friends as love knows no boundaries.

The main focus is somehow on the ladies as it is a known fact that we girls love to express our joy and love openly. We love the gorgeous stationary and gifts from Archie’s and the special designs on sale at various clothing stores. We also love to binge watch on romantic movies on this day with our loved ones.

Girls in a relationship go all out as a date on Valentine’s Day is a tradition and compulsory. We love to dress up and look our best. We scour magazines for the best looks to carry so that our better half can fall in love with us again. But what about the men. It is very rare to find a fashion 101 for the men and in particular for Valentine’s Day.

Not to worry people. Below , all the guys and girls who want to help the guys in their life , can find the complete low-down for the best looks a guy can carry for the special Valentine’s Day.

1. Classic White & Denims


The most versatile combination of White and Denims is the best Valentine’s Day look to adorn for guys. Work the whites either in your shirt or jacket and wear well structured denims to make your girl swoon over you. A good and comfortable fit is very important to make this look work.  This is a great option for a classy dinner date.

2. Checks & Chinos


Another awesome look to carry out for Valentine’s Day is the checks and chinos look. Checks suits most of the men and makes one look so smart. Chinos are also so funky and makes a guy look fun. It is a viable fashion option if you are looking to spend a fun and adventurous day with your girl.

3. Prints Galore


Wear a nice printed shirt and comfortable trousers for a fun Valentine’s Day celebrations.  Guys can go for a complete fashion change and try prints to add up to the fun factor. This outfit is perfect for a nice stroll and beach type of date.

 4. Bombers & Shirts


The next look to carry for Valentine’s Day is the Bomber Jacket and T-shirt look. A Bomber Jacket is a great look to carry if you are going for the casual yet formal look. This outfit is perfect to wear for a movie date.

5. Aztec Craze


Aztec is another crazy look one can carry for Valentine’s Day. Aztec pattern is especially perfect in pullovers and/or shirts. It gives a good definition to the structure of the body. It can be paired with well-fitting trousers or denims. This look is apt to wear for a concert style celebration of love with your love.

6. Denims & Khakis


Another killer combination to carry for Valentine’s Day would be the Denim and Khaki bottoms look. This look defines enjoyment and care-free fun. Denim gives a good silhouette to the frame of the person wearing it and khakis add that touch of mild color to the whole ensemble. This look is perfect for an activity filled day with your loved one.

7. Monochrome Magic


Men look great in Monochromes and it is a perfect style to carry out the look for Valentine’s Day. This is a versatile look to carry and can be worn for any Valentine’s Day plan like dinner , movie , trips , picnics , just about anything.

8. Cardigans & Shirts


Pair up a nice cardigan with a shirt and you have your perfect outfit for a simple , romantic Valentine’s Day celebration. You could amp it up with a tie if you want. This outfit is perfect for a simple outing like a long drive and ice-cream kind of date with your girl.

9. Plaid Love


Plaids are another fun look to carry for your special Valentine’s Day plan. Plaids, when styled properly, can really be a great look to carry out for the day. It is good if you want to look great but don’t want to overdo it.

10. Blazer & Stripes


Wearing a blazer with a striped shirt is another great Valentine’s Day look for a guy to carry. It’s crisp and versatile and can make you look like you are ready to have a fun time with your lovely date. Pair it up with some chinos and you are good to go. Perfect outfit for a fun evening with your date.

So guys, don’t fret for fashion choices this Valentine’s Day. Just check out these options and you will have all your problems solved in a jiffy.

Happy Valentine’s Day !!!

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