10 Bollywood Wardrobe Malfunctions You Just Can’t Ignore

I know I’ve been away for so long, but guess what was I up to? Spotting wardrobe malfunction of celebs to warn you of the fashion mistakes you should never commit. Here goes the list.

Wardrobe Malfunctions can haunt celebs for life. Its like the only form of publicity they never want. Well, atleast I guess they don’t. Our Bollywood celebs have had an unfair share of wardrobe malfunctions in the past with the Beautiful Ms. Kat having had more underwear spotting done than pictures clicked in Ibiza (Blame her height for the short dresses or is it plain negligence?) Here are our celebs caught in their embarrassing moments.

10. Katrina Kaif: Since she’s got the special mention, we’d like to warn Miss. Kaif of how the paparazzi just won’t leave her alone, never when they get to click such wardrobe malfunctions all the time.


9. Aishwarya Rai Bacchan : The former Miss World too could not keep the cameras away from capturing her in a moment oh so embarrassing. Oh yes! I spot the makeup blunder they have done with the concealer too, but do you see the split and bulge below her blouse seam. Maybe the Bacchan bahu needs a longer blouse the next time over.


8. Isha Koppikar: I don’t know if she ever got to know of the strap spotting, but if she didn’t, it did cause her mighty embarrassment. To all those who think it was just the neck too deep, sorry but her strap was not parallel to her shoulders. Major lingerie blunder now?


7. Genelia Deshmukh : So this maybe in her maiden days and I love how she dresses but there’s no sparing wrong postures, short dresses and underwear spotting. See where Hubby dearest eyes are looking?


6. Kangana Ranaut : She’s one all the accolades for her performances but does it spare her from the fashion police. Ms. Ranaut had to see her face flush while walking the ramp with so many malfunctions everywhere. The pictures do the speaking!


5. Mehr Jessia : She may not have been your expectation on this list, but she left no stone unturned. She the cleavage split? Or even more? Well, she even got unwaxed underarms. Some major fashion challenges for her.


4. Sonali Kulkarni : How do we tell Ms. Kulkarni that we are neither a fan of her oh so fitting jumpsuit nor the bikini that shines from beneath. The last thing we wish to see her in was her undergarments. But Oh! Did she realize? or she was plain trying her own hand at some lingerie ramp walking?


3. Parineeti Chopra: My heart goes out to Ms. Chopra. She got clicked in an embarrassing pose after an embarrassing malfunction. But then I realize she didn’t wear the right bra too and the dress was so fitting that it was only good that the tear was minor.


2. Tanisha Mukherjee: Big Boss may have gained her huge publicity but no fashion sense. I wonder what makes our celebs be so unaware of the lingerie politics. Ms. Mukherjee should really get rid of the bikini and g strings specially when she wears clothes that stick at all the wrong places. Someone gift her some knickers please?


1. I won’t blame her for making the biggest blunder of all, but definitely the most avoidable. She just had to trade the white for the black and she’d be ready steady set to go. Not that I think that passes off the need for a camisole.



No, I am not insensitive and I realize that wardrobe malfunctions can be daunting. I can never predict the rains while in white shirts. But then I do feel for these celebs because no malfunction goes unwatched and unclicked. So any tips any one?

Have you faced embarrassing malfunctions too? Or simply celeb spotted them?

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