10 Chic flings by Kangana Ranaut

Magnificent Poise, Angelic Beauty, and her Endless Compassion are what define Kangana Ranaut. Ah! She is an oomph and I am a little confused whether to talk about her sparkling eyes, pouty lips, playful curlies, dazzling beauty or her sensuous figure. Everything is just so perfect in her to be a diva!

With her successful sequel debut, Tanu weds Manu and winning the best actress award for Queen, giving her stupendous performance she is again on board for her new film Katti Batti which I couldn’t afford to miss. Despite her phenomenal performances, this eye-candy is fun to watch leaving everyone stunned in her whimsical vintage elegance. She is one of the most admirable and best-dressed actors in Bollywood chic-a-thon.

Come on, lovelies! Let’s count on Kangana style files!

White Beauty

White Gown

How beautifully she carries this elegant attire, no less than a snow-white she is.


Pretty Pree

Katti batti

This is her new grand look for her film Katti Batti which is obviously stunning. She is wearing a yellow asymmetrical flared top with multicolored mini-skirt.



color block

So graceful she looks in these bright vivid hues that I can’t even explain how much I am falling in love with her style. She is wearing a neon orange asymmetrical textured skirt with a cute pink textured top. Such a perfect color block!




Pairing this scintillating dress with a high bun, boots and fishnet stockings is giving her a more demure look, which I absolutely loved!


Dazzling Doll

silver dress

Such a feast to an eye as if wrapped up in a tinfoil, which she carries off with so much panache. She is wearing a silver off-shoulder dress with one side blazer.


Cool Cat

indo- western dress

10/10 for this unique vintage ensemble as nobody can’t look better than her. She is wearing a navy-blue midi dress with a white mesh top.


Sheer Beauty


Wow! So wonderful she is looking in her sheer georgette sari giving her the essence of  ladylike sophistication.


Quirky Queen

skirt and top

Mostly spotted in bright color clothes, this elegant donna looks fabulous in every color and she blooms like a flower. She is wearing a flared skirt with sweetheart shaped neck crop top.


Femme Fatale


How elegantly she portrays herself in the formal look. It’s really inspiring. Oh and I loved her shoes <3, she is wearing a maroon formal suit with printed shirt.


Vintage Version


She looks super sassy in her favorite yellow, tent-like vintage dress. She is wearing a calf-length full flared vintage gown.

What a perfection, a fleek she is and everytime this queen of heart astonishes us with her exclusive appearances. We have always loved her styleboat in which she is sailing!

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