10 Engagement Rings Every Girl Dreams Of

engagement rings

We grow up listening to fairy tales where, a prince charming comes and sweeps the princess off her feet. So, it’s not our fault that we always keep dreaming of our prince charming and the perfect moments 😉 . Every guy reading this, grab a pen, note down the details or immediately buy one ring from the list below :


The Amaryllis Ring


This  pink sapphire, yellow gold ring is every girl’s dream because of its simple yet elegant appearance.It is available at a very reasonable price (plus point for the guy 😛 )


White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring


Showcasing a stunning round Jared Vivid® black diamond haloed by sparkling white diamonds, this exquisite engagement ring is crafted in lustrous 10K white gold. The unique black diamond perfectly symbolizes your unique,loving relationship.


WHite Gold Blue Diamond Ring


This is a vintage ring. All girls love to have at least one vintage item in their closet. Give this vintage ring with blue diamond and get a yes, for your proposal.

Tiffany Soleste® Heart

Tiffany Soleste Heart


This stunning heart shaped, studded with white diamonds ring is designed by Tiffany. The brand speaks for itself, every girl lusts over Tiffany jewelry.Do we need to say more?

Angel Solitaire Ring

Angel Solitaire Ring


The distinct shape and the huge square cut white diamond at the center, surrounded by tiny round shaped white diamonds, give this ring a contemporary look. The ring also looks like a queen’s ring. Give this royal ring to the lady who conquered your heart and became your queen 😀

Engagement Ring, Ideal Cut Diamond (1 ct. t.w.) and Platinum

Platinum Diamond Ring


The classic platinum ring with white diamond at the center! It may be a bit over priced but come on guys, you are getting the girl of your dreams; what’s spending a little cash ? 🙂

Entwined Heart Platinum Ring

Entwined Heart Platinum Ring


Convey a message of entwined heart , by proposing with this ring. Tell her how entangled you are in her love.

Tiffany Soleste® Cushion

Tiffany Soleste Cushion


An elegant ring for an elegant beauty.The cushion-cut yellow diamond surrounded with white diamonds is looking beautiful at the center. The yellow color of the diamond serves as the brightness a girl brings into a guy’s life.

Kalaneedhi Gold, White Gold Diamond 18 K Ring

Kalaneedhi ring


We girls don’t always dream of all costly and luxurious things. Our perfect moments can be perfect without anything too rich looking too. Girls who are of simple nature and don’t like anyone spending too much money for them, can be given this magnificent white gold diamond ring.

CaratLane Sweetheart Gold Diamond 18 K Ring

CaratLAne Sweetheart Gold Ring


The heart shaped ring, with a star shape inside the heart that is studded with white diamonds is ideal for an engagement. We always like to receive something that sends out a deeper message. This ring sends out the message that – you are the brightly shining star that has entered into my heart and will remain there forever. Ain’t that a romantic message to send out to the girl of your dreams?

Each ring is unique and each ring conveys a message that only  girls can understand. There’s a reason girls lust after certain things 😉 Girls can be hopeless romantics at times, but they are not high maintenance. A girl may say that she loves the platinum jewelry her best friend was presented with by her boyfriend, but she will not be expecting you to do the same because she loves you for who you are and not for what precious items you can buy her. Each ring in this list sends out a message, and a girl dreams for one particular ring that matches her personality. So boys, choose the engagement ring very wisely. Out of the ten rings in the list above, which one will you be dreaming of or have been dreaming of?


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