10 Fashion Accessories To Drive Away Your Monday Morning Blues

After a wonderful weekend, nobody wants to wake up and start a new week. Mondays are always hated by most of us. Monday morning blues is literally the saddest feeling that you’ve got because of the entire work day and work week lying right ahead of you. Every woman needs these classic accessories to vanish their Monday morning blues. Great Accessories help you to vanish your Monday morning blues and boost a kickstart for the entire week. Here are 10 fashion accessories to drive away your Monday morning blues.

1. An Oversized Handbag

big bag

There’s something about oversized handbags that make our arms and waist look gorgeously slim. The trend of carrying oversized handbags has never gone out of fashion and almost all types of such bags have stayed with us for too long. Furthermore, it offers a number of benefits apart from looking stylish. They can literally carry everything. So, whenever you need to step out and carry a lot of things, you know where to stash it- in your oversized handbag.

2. Collar Pins

colar pin

Collar Pins are one of those rare accessories that suit almost all kinds of collared shirts. From office wear to party, these collar pins have never disappointed any woman ever. Collar pins are tiny designed triangular pins that have to be pinned on the shirt’s collar. Collar pins look great on formal wear and can easily drive away your Monday morning blues.

3. A Metal watch

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A metal watch can never go out of style. It makes a woman look classy and elegant. It makes you look smart and intelligent. A metal watch has a number of types. A high-quality, classic timepiece like a tank or bracelet style will always look elegant whether it is gold or metal. It will also help you drive away all the dullness and carry yourself in a much better way.

4. Pearls


Pearls are a classic ladylike staple; these lustrous beads always add polish and elegance to your outfit. They’re probably one of the most smooth and perfect accessory that makes a woman look graceful. Pearls can be used as tidy little earrings or as a multistrand necklace. Pearls can be worn on a classic office wear as a statement piece.

5. Choker Neck Statement 

Choker Neck Statement

Chokers look majestic on every girl. Most of the chokers can be customized. A plain choker can give an extremely bold look whereas a choker with tiny hangings can given a more clever look. A choker makes you look clean bold and that helps you boost your self-confidence. Perhaps, it is essential to build up your confidence do handle the hurdles in the coming week, isn’t it?

6. Formal Scarf 

formal scarf

A scarf, particularly a formal one, can provide a new dimension to a regular outfit. Say for example, you are wearing a white plain formal shirt with a pair of black trousers, add a grey, white or black scarf and you suddenly go from ordinary to striking. Just like the boring outfit got its spark, a scarf can simply add to lightning up your mood on Mondays.

7. Scarpin Heels

Scarpin Heels

A pair of black scarpin heels has to find a place in any woman’s wardrobe. A well-designed closed toe pair goes a long way towards making you look fabulous no matter what clothes you wear. Whether it is combined with a long cocktail dress or to jazz up a pair of trousers and formal look at work, these little wonders convert any outfit into a totally fabulous ensemble. In addition, scarpin heels make you look a little taller which is definitely a benefit. As a result, this beautiful little pair of shoes would make you feel like you’re in cloud nine on a boring Monday.

8. Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats hit the scene sometime this decade and definitely find a place in this list of top things to vanish your Monday morning blues. These flats are comfortable, cute, girly. Most of all, these ballet shoes complement almost every outfit but specifically look good on office wear. Because no matter what, at the end of the day we cannot spend all our time in painful shoes. But we still want to look our best. Ballet shoes offer the perfect solution to drive away your Monday morning blues.

9. A Cocktail Ring

A Cocktail Ring

Give your tedious Monday morning a glam punch with a big- stoned bauble. Try bold, colourful stones for added effect. Rings are always a good idea compared to any other heavy accessory. First of all, they are tiny little trinkets that enhance your office wear even more. Secondly, they go with each and every outfit. Hence, rings have always been in trend since they were first brought into the picture.

10. A Cuff

A Cuff

A thick bracelet in gold, silver and even enamel is a timeless accent and works the entire day. Cuffs go with most of the outfits resulting in a pleasant look. A cuff is pretty enough to destroy the Monday blues. It is also a good way to start the whole tiring week waiting for you at the tip of your nose.

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