10 fashion bloggers you must follow on Instagram

Love fashion? So why shouldn’t what you’re following on instagram say the same about you. These 10 fashion bloggers are insanely stylish and are always runway ready. If you aren’t following them yet, you should.

Fashion bloggers have started a revolution in the fashion industry, they recognize and cater to women who were completely ignored in the past.We often criticize the fashion industry, talking about how we don’t see one of us on the pages of those glossy magazines. We complain about how the industry dictates beauty standards that are unachievable for the majority of the population. But while there are bloggers who follow those stereotypes, there are also many popular ones who don’t. And they are the ones bringing about a change.

They wear affordable brands, aren’t picture perfect and we can relate to them. This does not mean we ignore the high end fashionistas all together. Thus, keeping in mind everything here I bring to you a list of 10 fashion bloggers who are all different in their approach towards fashion and thus, would cater to everybody’s sense of style.

Chiara Ferragni- @chiaraferragni


Kavita – @shewearsfashion


Olivia Palermo- @oliviapalermo


Santoshi Shetty- @santushi_styleedge


What Wear How- @urmidaga


Helena Bordon- @helenabordon


Man Repeller- @manrepeller

GRAND CENTRAL spine white

Rhea Gupte- @thegirlfromfuss

the girl from fuss

Shereen and Kayaan of Love and other bugs- @shereenlovebug and @kayaanlovebug


Natalie joos- @jxssy



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