10 Fun Resolutions for this New Year!

Should I stop eating junk food? Should I start exercising more? What about the time I spend on my phone? Shouldn’t I be more productive?

Are these questions running in your head right now? This is the time where you start analysing all the things that you should’ve done or wanted to do. Making lists and trying to check off the things one by one. I’m talking about the most dreaded “New Year Resolutions” that we humans make, but always break every year.

Well, you might have tried a thousand times to follow your resolutions. It may or may not have worked. Why so? We might not be practical or we’re just making a list of “things to do” for the fear of being left out. Let’s try something slightly different this year. 2019 is approaching soon. So, take out your pens and a paper and let’s get started.

1. Try Something New Every Month

This is nothing new. Many of us would have come across people who keep telling you to try something new “every day.” Let’s start on a smaller scale. Do something new and exciting every month and write that down as a memory. At the end of the year, you can look back and realise how terrifying or exciting the task was.

2. Start A Journal

This may not sound fun at first. But a journal could be really helpful to you. You could analyze your goals, keep track of your progress and record memories too!

3. Read Every Day


Now you could read books, magazines, newspapers, blogs… Just about anything that you could find is in print, or online! Read it. What’s the fun in that? You might just discover something new that you didn’t know about. You might even make a habit out of it.


4. Weekend Game Nights


“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.” In this fast pacing world, we don’t even have time to sit down and do something that makes us happy. Make it a routine every weekend. Sit down with your family and friends and play a board game or cards, whatever you like. Don’t turn on the TV set or any other electronic gadgets. Just play. This could build your relationships.


5. Helping Hand

Charity begins at home. Make it a point to help anyone who’s in need in any small way possible. It might be helping an old man to cross the road or feeding a dog whose owner is out of town. Just help in any way that you can. After all, we want to make the world a better place to live in.

6. Morning Bird or Night Owl

You might love starting your day early. You might love staying late up in the night. Either way, most of us don’t sleep in between these times. Get yourself some proper rest. This year make it a point to sleep for 7-8 hours. No excuses!

7. Productivity Enhancment

We’ve all been there. Trying to push ourselves to do more than we can. You might want to develop a new skill or even improve one that you’re good at. Take time to focus on one particular interest and work on it. This might range from your cooking skills to your computer skills.

8. Me Time


You’re the most important person to yourself in this world. You should be. Take time off and be with yourself. Make time for doing the things you love. It might be as simple as taking a fifteen-minute walk or even watching TV daily.


9. Goal Setting

Do you’ve goals for life? They could be short term or long term. Either way, you should dedicate time and effort towards that goal. This year, take your dreams and ambitions seriously. Don’t just talk about it. Do it.

10. Be Positive


Make yourself more confident. Be happy and think positive. When things get tough, remember, “the best is yet to come.”


So, this new year, make sure you follow your resolutions if you do make a list. Make every second count. Before you know it, the next year will be here. So, do the things you want to do, now.

Happy New Year!

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