It is often said that a woman carries her world in her bag and rightly so. Men may not need more than a handful of cash and credit cards to carry with them but so isn’t the case with us women and no matter how much these men taunt us about carrying all sorts of ‘cosmetics’ with us ‘unnecessarily’, they won’t understand that there’s more to it. And, probably, that’s the reason why we always end up spending big bucks on these accessories and are still never satisfied with them, be it due to lack of quality, aesthetic appeal or their life. It’s never fine. Of course, if you’ve to carry all your essentials in a single bag then it’s got to be a damn good one, isn’t it? So what, if for a good, long lasting and gorgeous piece you need to excuse your budget a little; after all, durable things come at a price, don’t they? So allow me today to help you with a few brands that you must indulge on if it’s a good handbag that you’re looking to buy.

Totes and handbags

I would like to start with the top 5 most expensive brands (that is, if you have a nice big budget) followed by comparatively less expensive but very popular brands in India for those who are not looking for bags which come at too steep a price.


Brown Prada Handbag Silver Prada handbag  Prada Lux tote

Topping the list of the most expensive and popular handbag brands, Prada seems to be ruling this sector and it’s no surprise! With its collection of magnificient luxury handbags Prada has become every woman’s dream brand label to buy from. Apart from handbags Prada has also expanded its empire in the form of various other products like jewellery, perfumes, footwear and watches.


Chanel Cruise bag Silver python snakeskin Chanel bag Black Chanel Handbag

One could easily call Chanel Prada’s biggest competitor without an iota of doubt. Be it award functions, movie premiers or any other grand occasion where fashion can be boasted of, it is Chanel that’s everywhere. The embossed, snakeskin and textured designs are its trademark features which give these totes and clutches such a posh appearance. The brand, launched by Coco Chanel in 1909 has for a very long time been featuring in the list of the top 10 most luxurious handbag brands.


Burberry handbag Classic burberry handbag Red and brown burberry totes

Founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856, Burberry is a British Luxury fashion brand which has ever since produced numerous splendid collections of handbags, fragrances, watches, etc and its Tartan pattern has begun one of the most duplicated designs on knock-offs. Today, if anyone ventures out on the street markets of Delhi, Mumbai or any other city, they are bound to come across a variety of Burberry duplicates. It’s the playful and colourful stripes on these handbags which exhibit class and tempt one to buy these. Surely a smart call!


Burgandy Louis Vuitton Handbag Louis Vuitton totes

When handbags are the topic of discussion then how can one leave behind Louis Vuitton? Class, distinction, vibrancy, glam quotient, you name it and it has it! Popular among all the A-Listers, this handbag brand has been a symbol of elegance and class since 1854 now. With shades of brown and tan being their favourite, Louis Vuitton seems to be a brand of earthy colours.


Carolyn Crocodile Handbag Orange Marc Jacob toteChocolate brown Leather Marc Jacob Handbag

This brand was made famous by the made from purple crocodile skin and cost upto $50,000, though the hefty price didn’t shy the customers away from buying it. Sleek, sharp and smooth are the words that define his collection of totes which vary from earthy colours like brown and red to glazy textures like crocodile skin. A brand for women with various tastes in accessories.


Hidesign Handbags Hidesign Duffle Bag Hidesign Lizard Leather handbag

One of the most popularly and preferred handbag labels in India, Hidesign tops the list of the most affordable yet classy labels. With the company based in Pondicherry, Hidesign is selling like hot cakes in the Indian as well as International market and why wouldn’t it with all those refined shades of tan, brown and maroon on leather stealing the show!


Baggit bag Beige Baggit bag Grey Baggit Handbag

Another favourite among Indians the leather handbags from Baggit are soaring high up in the fashion industry with its handy purses and handbags. The quality is very assuring and the aesthetics very appealing. Its tough leather is very promising and lasts very long.


Blue Lavie Handbag Peach Lavie Handbag Kareena Kapoor with a Lavie handbag

Largely catering to the tastes of the young and fashionable Lavie handbags come from a tempting colour palette so as to satisfy the tastes of women from all walks of life. Be it poppy colours or soft pastels or the bold red, the colour of choice is out there in that Lavie collection; you just need to put a finger on it and choose! Cylindrical, boat, basket,duffels, etc are a few shapes you would find in a Lavie store.


Caprese Handbag

Dark grey caprese handbag  Pearl white Caprese handbag

New in the block, Caprese was launched in 2012 and has taken the fashion market by surprise with its range of classic handbags giving the other labels a tough time. It basically entered the market to fulfill the gap between the high and luxury brands and the low priced inferior quality handbags. The prices begin from Rs. 2000 and go as high as upto Rs. 7000 depending on the category and requirements. Its available in over 100 cities and VIP lounges.


Blue Da Milano Tote Da Milano boat shaped handbag

This brand though Indian, claims to manufacture Italian designs and quality. Another seller of leather bags the price range may vary from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 6,000. Awarded the Images Shoes and Accessories Award 2012’s  “Most Admired Retailer of the year 2012, in Fashion Accessories” Da Milano seems to be contributing well to the market. As claimed by the brand they generate 8-10 products every week. With such reassuring performance and quality Da Milano is at par with the top fashion brands out there today.

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