10 Luscious Sweets Which Wont Up Your Calorie Meter

It’s really a strenuous task to resist our mind before the tempting sweets which bring tingling sensation to our mouth. But the sky scraping calories which it withholds in its tiny tasty pieces dwindles our yearning for it. For people who are diet conscious still dying inside for a chance to dig in some delicacies, there is sure a remedy with these non calorific sweets! These ten tongue tingling sweets are fat-free and fabulous to devour during any part of the day 🙂

1. Athirasam


Athirasam is a delicious traditional south Indian sweet prepared with rice flour and jaggery. These two ingredients are quite healthy and easily digestible and they consume less amount of oil while cooking. It has a crunchy layer outside and a soft tasty inner core which makes it absolutely delicious. Athirasam is mostly prepared during the special festive season like Diwali.


2. Sweet Poli


Sweet Poli (Obbattu in Kannada) is one of the non calorific sweets with the basic ingredients as maida flour, Bengal gram, and jaggery. These sweet packages are simple to see yet with the first bite of it, a soft crust of typical taste relishes your mouth. This sweet, when served hot and drizzled with droplets of ghee, tastes like a sweet paradise and kindles your heart for more.


3. Kuzhi Paniyaram

kuzhi paniyaram

These are the angelic soft sweet cushion non calorific sweets which cuddles with your mouth and magically entertains your appetite. Great ingredients like rice flour, wheat flour, jaggery and flavorful cardamom are used to make these sweet spherical pillows. It is a completely blissful experience eating a Kuzhi Paniyaram.


4. Oats Laddu


Oats is a lightweight, extremely diet conscious little grainy fellow. These when grinded, and mixed with sweet sugar crystals, create a wondrous sweet. Coconut scraps form a major part of the laddu. Cardamom powder and delicious nuts complete its heroic avatar as laddu which serves as a savior for most of the diet- conscious people. I bet it is delicious!!


5. Paal Kozhukatai

Paal kozukattai_thumb[2]

Paal Kozhukatai is a south Indian sweet which is a spectacle of deliciousness. Rice flour balls and sugared milk syrup make the cutest sweet couple in the world counting for the non calorific sweets. They complement each other highly graciously with the help of cardamom flavoring and dried nuts.


6. Paitha Laddu ( Moong Dhal Sweet)

moong dal ladoo2

Moong Dhal is a good source of dietary fiber and it is very low in saturated fat and cholesterol making it an excellent source of healthy consumption. This laddu is prepared with ground Mung Dhal/ Green gram, cardamom, brown or white sugar. A cute round laddu or non calorifc sweets for a beautiful flat belly.


7. Pori Urundai ( Puffed Rice- Jaggery Sweet)

pori urundai

Light and legitimate, they are. A crispy heart-melting light package of sweet love is unveiled to you. Freshly roasted puffed rice is magnificently mixed with the hot syrupy jaggery and shaped into circular savories.  This isone of the best non calorific sweets which makes you feel light even after a heavy meal.


8. Rava Laddu


Rava laddu is a traditional dish prepared during festive seasons. This is a tender sweet which breaks off into sprinkling heavenly powder. This dish is made of finely ground rava, desiccated coconut, milk, sugar and cardamom powder. A white candy drop straight from the sugary clouds.


9. Somas


Somas offers a pure blissful taste. It is a light and healthy sweet which is crunchy and tasty. The outer crust is made of maida, rava and a pinch of salt. And the sweet core is prepared with fried dal, sugar, coconut and cardamom magic. It’s a perfect evening snack with a cup of hot tea on the table.


10. Vella Seedai

vella seedai

Simple, elegant crunchy sweet balls! They have a browny burnt texture due to the jaggery present in it. It is a miniature of pleasure in our pockets. These seedai are easy to carry and small enough to eat on endlessly. These are made especially during Gokulashtami pooja. Crack them in your mouth for a candid feast of snacks with these non calorific sweets.


So, now you got it proved, that not all sweets can carry calories in large sizes with them. These are lovely desserts which can absolutely steal your heart with their sweetness and are really light. These ten non calorific sweets are perfectly fit for any time consumption. As love has no rules, so do these stunning non calorific sweets!

Bon appétit!

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