10 Must-Have Bangles in Your Wardrobe

Bangles are often treated as a must have accessory for a girl, mostly by our elders. Alas, we don’t share their interests and find bangles as too old a tradition to follow.Whenever we go to visit our grandma, they often complain about our dressing style and how we are not even wearing a single bangle. We can’t explain to them how a bangle can ruin our look. To solve this issue, we have come up with a list of ten fashionable bangles which will add to your look and at the same time, will make your dadi happy 🙂 Ain’t it a win-win situation?  😀


1.Cinderella Set

Cinderella Set


No matter what our age is, we will always want something from the fairy-tales. This Pink Cinderella Set is turning our wishes into reality and it’s on sale too, so hurry up 🙂

2. Floral Bangles

Floral Bangles

This set of 6 floral bangles is a perfect accessory for this summer. It’s available at a reasonable price too. Check it out – Crunchy Fashion Floral Bangles Set.

3. Brass Plated Bangles

Pastel Bangles

If you are looking for accessories that will add a classy touch to your outfit, then this set of six bangles from The Pari could be worth investing in. This set comprises a mix of thin and wide bangles. Be it your skinny-fit or boyfriend jeans and a T-shirt or a simple cotton kurta, this bangle set will surely add a new twist to your outfit. Buy it here – The Pari Brass Brass Plated Bangle Set .

4. Set of 11 Bangles

Set of 11 Bangles

This set includes a mix of 11 accessories of which 9 are bangles and the remaining 2 are beaded bracelets.Whether you wear one, two or all of them together on one hand, this arm party is sure to make a bold style statement and earn admiring glances.The Pari Alloy Bracelet is available at an affordable price of just 350 bucks 😀

5. Pink Coral Pearl Bangles

Pink coral Bangles

This is an amazing set. Pearls are a girl’s best friend. This set of two bangles looks stunning with its alternate pearls arrangement. Nisa Pearls Pink Synthetic Coral Bangles.

6. Cuff


This cuff can be worn to parties with dresses and also for completing your festive look. It goes well and is easy to wear and remove too. The enamel finish has given it an elegant look. Buy it here – Cuff and hurry up, because there are only two left in stock.

7. Pastel Set

Pastel set

Designed for versatile use, this stylish & beautiful Fused Green bracelet from CrazeeMania is an excellent addition to your bracelet’s collection. This lovely bracelet can be worn individually as well as together and so that’s the greatest advantage..!! Its eye-catching jewels  add that touch of sparkle, each design exudes a dramatic sensuous style that’s hard to miss. The set is enigmatic and profoundly striking. Statement jewellery pieces are an effortless way to work a bit of high-octane glamour into your desk-to-dinner ensembles. Buy it here –Young & Forever Valentine Special Tropical Summer Fused Green Stack ‘ em up Bangle Bracelet.

8. Charming Crystal Set

Charming Crystal Set

The Stylish & Beautiful Charming Crystal Bangle that will never go out of Style!!! The diamond studded bracelet in the set adds the sophisticated look to your whole outfit. This set is our favorite so far. Have a look – DressVilla Charming Crystal Bangle.

9. Multi-color 16 Piece Set

Multi-color 16 piece Set

This 16 piece set consists of 14 thin bangles and 2 huge bangles to be worn at both sides. If you feel wearing 16 piece is accessory overload then wear only the two large ones, each on a hand. Aria multi-colour rhinestone cz gold plated 16pc bangle set is suitable for festivals when you go for complete desi-look.

10. Pink Crystal Bangle

Pink Crystal Bangle

This Jewelry Collection has It’s own story to tell about its craftsmanship, Inspiration, Quality & Uniqueness. An absolutely stunning piece to own and is very light in weight. This kind Of Jewelry brings spark to one’s individuality. After wearing this you won’t go unnoticed anytime, anywhere. It can be worn even with your formals as it is sleek. Check it out – Cyan Beautiful Pink Crystal Bangle Bracelet.

Now you know, even bangles are beautiful and fashionable 😉 Go buy these bangles immediately, as some are in limited pieces. Comment below, of the ten which one is your favorite.

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