10 Must know beauty hacks

Last time I shared some amazing fashion hacks. This time I am going to share some amazing beauty hacks with you.
I hope you are looking forward to the hack because these hacks will ALWAYS be by your side to save you from beauty blunders.
Today’s hacks are those that can fix correct makeup, missing makeup, non conventional use of some products and a lot more… stay tuned till the end.

1. Use mascara as liner.

mascara as liner

Well this was the first ever hack that I used. When you are too lazy and do not want to put liner and mascara just use your mascara to line your waterline. It’s very simple. Just get the mascara brush too close to your waterline and just dab it on the waterline.

2. lip balm on eyebrows

lip balm on eyebrows

When you are headed out and need a brow touch up but are out of brow gel or if your brow just won’t sit the want you want it to be then use lip balm to smooth and tame eyebrows.

3. Card for perfect winged liner

card for perfect winged liner

I am pretty sure that like every girl, you must love to sport the winged liner or cat eye look. But are you worried about it not looking good, messing it up or just the fact that you might get it spread all over your eyes, or that you may just not get the perfect finish? Just use a credit card or any card like object to get the perfect finishing and look.


4. Card to protect spreading of mascara

card to protect spreading of mascara

While applying mascara, if you face the problem of finishing, then use the same trick as I mentioned above. Just keep a card or sheet and get the perfect mascara on your upper or lower lashes.

5. Cotton swab to perfect your eyeliner

cotton swab to perfect your eyeliner

If your liner or mascara goes wrong, then use a cotton swab or an ear bud dipped or coated in petroleum jelly or makeup remover and just make the finishing perfect.

6. White liner on waterline

white liner on waterline

Apply white liner on waterline to popup your eyes. If you are too sleepy or just want your eyes to look fresh bright and like that actress you love then use white or a light liner to the inside corner of you waterline. This hack will give you that million dollar eye makeup you always wanted.

7. Lens solution in mascara

lens solution in mascara

If your mascara or liquid liner gets all dry and flaky and you feel sad because you spent a lot on it and couldn’t use it for as long as you wanted then just add contact solution to your mascara to make it last longer. This hack will help you to not only bring back flaky mascara to life but also to make it last longer.

8. Blowdrying broken lipstick to fix it

blowdrying broken lipstick to fix it

If you find your lipstick broken then take a blow dryer and warm your lipstick and gently press them together and make it even and keep it in the freezer. Next morning your lipstick will be good to use. Isn’t this a very easy hack?

9. Use BB cream for like bruises, scars, scrapes, cellulites. Most people use BB cream on the face only. There are other uses to it too.

It moisturizes and hydrates your skin as well as hides or covers the blemishes, scars, cellulite, or any cuts and scrapes on your body.

10. Use conditioner instead of shaving gel while shaving if you run out of it. Conditioner gives your skin a moisturizer effect and results in closer shave. You might like the effect so much that you may replace shaving gels with conditioner forever.

I have a few more hacks to share with you. Stay tuned for my next article…

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