10 Outfits for 10 Dates this Valentine’s Day

There is not even a full week left for Valentine’s Day and in case you haven’t decided what you will be wearing to your dates, here are the 10 outfits for 10 types of dates your significant other can ask  you out on!

1. Clubbing Date

Clubbing Date

A clubbing date is a good shot at getting close over a few drinks and good groovy music. For the perfect club date, wear a shift dress that isn’t obnoxiously loud in colour schemes but it has some of the glitter glamour to shine your way through the night. Accessorise with a clutch bag and stilettos; give your eyes a brunt smokey look, wear nude tones on your lips and you’re winning at it already.

2. Shopping Mall Date

Shopping Mall Date

If your date is that kind of a date that you’ll stop wherever your heart wants to while the two of you are out together, you need to follow the three ‘C’s: comfortable, cute and casual, all at the same time. The key here is to accessorise your jeans and top to the best and compliment the simplicity of the look. Adding a scarf or a bag, bracelets or some fancy earrings will just play the trump card here with ease.


3. Classic Movie Date

Classic Movie Date

A movie date is a nice time to get comfortable and steal a few snuggle moments when the theatre is dark but you still have to look trendy and fashionable. Remember, this is a movie date, so dresses and skirts are a bit of an overstatement and thus, aren’t on our recommendation list. However, if you’re comfortable in them, don’t stop! A sexy sheer shirt will be the best intermediate between fancy clothing and the one with the 3C’s. Suede booties, minimal makeup and accessories will seal the deal.


4. Lazy Date

Lazy Date

If all you and your partner are planning on doing this Valentine’s Day staying in and being lazy together, or you are lazy about the entire idea of dressing up for a special occasion, don’t worry, you can look hipster, or dare I say “Normcore” if you dress up like this. Wear nice fitting ripped jeans with an oversized sweater (Pro Tip: Wear his sweater, it will make things all the more special). You can sport thick dark winged eyeliner, a loose messy bun (or leave your hair open), VANS or sneakers and look amazing with whatever you decide to go with.


5. Serene Lakeside Date

Serene Lakeside Date

If you’re planning for a picnic date on Valentine’s Day where you pack some meal and save a spot away from the hustle-bustle of all the other couples to get some comfortably quiet time, you still have got to look like your beautiful self. To complement the serenity of nature, pick a classy, effortless outfit that will be easily manageable all the time. A midi skirt with minimal embellishments and a plain shirt or a blouse will take you back to the olden days when dates actually meant escaping away into the quiet side of life. Bellies and perhaps a pair of drops as earrings are enough to complete your vintage look with finesse.

6. Exclusive Lunch Dates

Exclusive Lunch Dates

Though not so common, but we can expect a lot of formal lunch dates this Valentine’s Day since it is falling on a Sunday. You need to be prepared if you are asked out to a formal and elaborate lunch date at a high-end restaurant. You need to look exquisite and not overdone because it is a ‘lunch’ date. For that, a light coloured dress with some strappy wedges will look both stunningly gorgeous as well as neat. Your makeup should be very light and accessories need to be cut down a little bit too. Flowy dresses can also be experimented with and will look beautiful.

7. Karaoke Place Dates

Karaoke Place Dates

A karaoke place date sounds like a great idea where both of you can let your hair down and relax. No one will actually care if you sing well or bad, it’s a nice place to get silly, laugh off and have a good time. So, tighten up your combat boots, wear some bright colours to glow through the night and accessorise with bold ear cuffs and show them off like a diva with your hair pulled up in a ponytail.

8. Formal Dinner Dates

Formal Dinner Dates

Valentine’s Day dinner dates are amazing because we can mix subtle and sexy and they go well together. A Black dress with all-black accessories but bright contrasting red lips can make you look like a seductress without even trying. This look can be easily pulled off because the colour black is the most omnipresent shade in every woman’s wardrobe.


9. Carefree Clubbing Date

Carefree Clubbing Date

This is pretty much the same as a clubbing date, the slight difference here is going to be that you will be enjoying yourself to the fullest with a group of friends (yes, it’s a date with your friends, for all the lone wolves out there!) when the DJ in the club drops the bass. Shimmering shorts with black boots and top will make you slay the look while not having to care about the world at all.

10. Ball Night Dates

Ball Night Dates

There might be many places holding ball themed parties on the occasion of Valentine’s Day and if you happen to be going to one of them, don’t fall short on looking anything less than a princess or a prom queen. A long monochrome gown looks very elegant and pairing it with contrasting silvers or gold will top it off and complete your look. If your dress is sleeveless or has straps, don’t forget to carry a stole to keep yourself warm when it gets cold at night.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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