Ah, college! A place where social reputation is very important and we all want to be the queens and kings of college. Ergo, I’m pretty sure most of us vent out and spend hours every day trying to figure out what to wear to college! That’s already so much pressure, so imagine the chaos when it comes to the perfect outfit for a college fest! These things only happen once a year and you definitely want to look your best! Everyone has different style, so here’s a few outfits that you can wear for a college fest so that you would have heads turning and at the same time you would be absolutely comfortable.

1. Dungarees:

denim dungaries

One of our childhood favourites! Dungarees happen to be extremely comfortable and at the same time, very fancy. Head out wearing your favourite pair of dungarees along with either a plain full sleeve top, normal t-shirt or even a cute lace crop!  Pair this look with a nice pair of shoes or ballet flats and you’re good to go.

2. Jumpsuits:

jumpsuit     jumpsuit 2

Jumpsuits are extremely trendy and they are a good choice of outfit for a fest. They are extremely fashionable and are suitable as they can be worn in a formal way or informal way! Get your jumpsuit on and add a cute backpack and Vans or heels to be ready! Get on a pair of shades to complete the look! Also florals are always trendy, so it’s always a good idea to go for a floral jumpsuit.

3. Formals:

formals      formal

Some fests happen to be very formal, so suit up in your best business attire! You could either opt for tights and a tank topped off with a suit jacket or choose to go for actual formal pants which may have a lose fit or tailor fit. Nothing goes with formals like a sling bag and a matching pair of pumps. And if you want to go for a geeky look, then put on a pair of nerd glasses.

4. Hoodies:

hoodie     hoodie 2

Hoodies are the most comfortable piece of clothing invented! They are comfortable, they look good and you can always pull off a hoodie! Get out of bed in the morning and put on your most comfy, oversized hoodie along with tights or skinnies and a pair of sneakers and you would still look good!

5. Leather Pants:

leather pants      29A8844300000578-3126093-image-a-22_1434443353550

Leather is always a classy idea for and outfit but you have to wear them with the right type of top. So for a fest, you could always opt for a long shirt! It could be a long sweater, top or a pullover! Grab your shades and your handbag along with a pair of nice flats to pull off this look!

6. Palazzos:

palazzo 2      palazzo

Palazzos epitomize tow things and they are: style and comfort. The extremely loose pants happen to be very airy and at the same time, they give you a very retro-yet-modern look. They can be worn with a short casual top or even with a nice collared shirt so that it looks formal! Add a minimal amount of accessories, like a long necklace, bracelet or a belt to finish the look.

7. Dance look:

dance 2     dance

By dance, I mean street dance! It’s a popular event in many fests and dressing up for it is also very relaxing! Wear a t-shirt along with a stylish, sporty jacket and pair that with either sweats or a pair of your most comfortable pants! Three things that go with this look are: a pair of sneakers, a snapback and small backpack!

8. Plaid:

plaid 2      plaid 3

Plaid shirts are not only really cute, they can also be worn in multiple ways! Wear it as a buttoned up shirt, with a tank inside and button down the shirt or tie it around your waist! They look good al 3 ways! Along with which you can wear a cute little fedora and ankle length boots.

9. Graphic tees:

t shirt     t shirt 2

Go totally casual by grabbing a cool, funky tee that you can wear with a pair of skinny jeans or ripped jeans! It’s the ultimate casual look and you can carry your snapback and Vans or loafers. Either tuck in the shirt and wear a belt, or leave it as it is!

10. Knit Sweaters:

sweater 2      sweater

They happen to be the cosiest outfit and it’s perfect for sweater weather! So keep the winter chills away by choosing to wear an oversized or long knit sweater with tight pants. To add on to the outfit, a woollen scarf is a great idea.

So take your pick from the numerous outfits that are available and choose one that makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and special. So once the perfect outfit has been selected, all you have to do is get your “we’re gonna win this” attitude on and take the fest by storm! But always keep this quote in mind “Honestly, I don’t dress up for boys, I dress up to stare at my reflection as I walk by store windows” and dress to feel good about yourself!



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