10 Popular Trends your Boyfriend Won’t Understand

We girls love to follow all the trends that are fashionable and makes us look gorgeous. Keeping up-to-date with the Fashion & Beauty world is of utmost importance. Hence , it becomes vital for us to screen through all possible trends and follow as much as possible. That is the reason why so many Fashion and Make-up bloggers have so many followers. They help us to make all the decisions regarding trends.

But , quite a few of these trends are not liked by the guys. There a countable few which the guys completely hate.

So below , I have listed down the trends which might be really popular with us girls but the guys hate it. Use this as a guide to know what your guy might like and what he might not.




Some of us girls love to add glitter in our make-up , like the eye-shadow or the bronzer on the cheeks for a party or a special occasion. Some of us girls love glitter in our dress or shoes too. We think it will make us shine and stand out from the rest. But guess what? The guys don’t like glitter at all. Yes , the other girls might think glitter to be so cool , but the guys would beg to differ. They think it looks a bit too much and god forbid , if the glitter from the make-up comes on their shirt while you are hugging. Uh oh!



cat eyes

Okay , so we have like a whole list of Youtube tutorials and step by step points on how to apply a cat eye makeup. And about 89% of the girls are crazy about this trend. But the guys just don’t get it. The guys don’t understand the hype behind this trend and feel it is a complete waste of time as the girls take hours to master this make-up style.




Don’t we girls love all the various colors and flavors of the lip-gloss that the make-up companies come out with. They are just irresistible. So many of us even buy all the flavors and keep with us. But did you know that the boys hate this. Chapstick is okay and lipstick is fine , but what is lip-gloss? And why is it so sticky? Yes girls , Boys hate the sticky feel of the lip-gloss. So next time , you are on a date with your boyfriend , remember to ditch the lip-gloss to avoid a ‘sticky’ situation.


Ombre Hair

ombre hair

I know of many lovely girls(including myself) who love this trend. It is awesome to have two shades of color in your hair. They look so gorgeous when you tie them up. And with the availability of hair colors in the market , it is an experiment that is waiting to explode. But , the guys think otherwise. They just can’t understand why girls need to have 2 shades of color in their hair. Isn’t one color enough?



fake nails

Guys don’t have a problem with nails per se. In fact , they love good manicured nails. What the guys don’t understand and complete hate is the fake nails and nail art. As much as we girls love to try various nails arts and sometimes put on those huge fake nails , guys just abhor it. So , the next time you meet your guy , ditch those glitzy nail arts and just go with good manicured hands.




Peplum tops and dresses are a craze because of the way they cinch at the waist and give an effect of a tiny waist. Anything that cinches at the waist , gives the smaller waist look and that is why peplum is preferred by girls all over. As much as guys loves a smaller waistline , they just don’t understand the engineering of the peplum. They think the ruffles could look a bit childish and sometimes ugly. So girls , keep your peplums for your girls only outing as only girls will appreciate it.


High waist Jeans

high waist jeans

We love those high-waist jeans , especially with crop tops , they can look so good. Also , it gives a great look to our torso. But did you know , guys are not really fans of the high-waist jeans. They feel it does not flatter our hips that well as does the skinny jeans or a fitted skirt. So if you are thinking of impressing your boyfriend when you go out , please do not touch your high-waist jeans.


Mullet Dresses

mullet dress

Mullet is just the technical term. In the fashion world , it is commonly known as High-Low Dress or skirt. Many of us love the way this kind of dresses/skirt fall on our bodies. There are so many gorgeous dresses in this silhouette that are available online and in stores. Well , the guys have something else to say about it. They are not major fans of this style , but if you really want to wear it , they would prefer that you be able to carry it off really well , otherwise it is just not worth it.




Dungarees/Overalls have made a comeback on the fashion scene whereas the Jumpsuits was always there. They look so stylish and chic and give a fun vibe. But the guys don’t think it is fun at all. Why would girls wear something that is closed everywhere. In fact , they feel it looks like the onesies that small babies wear. Oh my!


High Heels

high heels

Okay , so this is one trend that I can’t believe guys don’t like. I mean high heels are there on every girl’s list of shoes. Almost all the girls own at least one pair of sexy heels. They make us look so beautiful and tall. But well , the guys don’t like it because it makes our feet hurt. They don’t like it when we complain yet wear it. They feel comfort should be important. Now that is sweet.

So , girls , be careful the next time you follow any fashion or beauty trends. We might think it looks so great and gorgeous , but the guys always have a different say.

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