10 Things Guys Need To Know About Girls


Hey guys, it’s time to get your relationship right! Relationships are much more complicated than you boys think are, and we don’t mean that in a way where you need to be serious all the time or even over think everything, but in fact, just keep a few things, that we have covered here in our list of dating tips, in mind to make sure you’re doing your part. You should be able to understand women better and have to stop expecting them to put up with everything, all the time. It’s a state of equilibrium, both sides try and succeed equally. SO, this is your complete dating tips guide to follow up on that.

1. We’re emotional!


Just live with it already, what is the big deal anyway? Women come with the caring attitude that they display. It’s a packaged deal and tbh it’s probably the best thing ever. We’re understanding and we over think things, that’s just how women work. The crying, yes… Men are probably just lost when women cry, but crying helps. At that moment it seems like overwhelming pain, but it’s a great coping mechanism to get rid of the pain that’s in stock for later. It helps deal with a situation then and there instead of bottling it up. What you should do when she cries? Hold her till she stops. Don’t keep telling her it’ll be okay only, empathize and give some real advice.

2. Dressing up


Is it really that hard to understand that girls like dressing up for themselves? It’s frustrating when a guy points out the make up and asks you if that’s all for him. We want to be able to look into the mirror and raise our heads a little higher, smile a litter deeper and feel a little more confident. The clothes, the perfect face, the heels, it’s all self-assuring.

3. You assume we’re clingy

It’s frustrating when a guy talks to his friends about how clingy his girl gets. There’s so many of us out there that embrace our independence, living with the old stereotypes is kind of pathetic. Girls tend to care, but don’t mistake that for them being clingy, ever. We have our insecurities so we keep you close. When a guy does that, it looks protective, but somehow the perspective flips when a girl does. We need you to talk, and open up to us. It brings the relationship to a whole new level of understanding, taking the burden of your failing relationship is never clingy, but just absolutely mature. Now that’s one helluva dating tip, ain’t it?

4. We’re quite reserved

You’ve probably noticed that women take time opening up to men. Stereotypically, it may seem like women judge everyone, but to your biggest of revelations, women are judged the most too. Don’t seem too overbearing or it could come off negatively, let a girl have her time with adjusting to this change and having someone new in her life.

5. Try talking


Talking can do great wonders, so the next time you want to blow up and argue about something count back to ten and then calmly talk to her about it. Women may seem irrational, but here’s your tip to debunk that. They can be insanely rational when you show them your perspective because they actually always are! Talking in general, not about problems, but just everything can mean so much to a woman! Being comfortable with the person you’re with is essential in a relationship. Treating her like your best friend can help move the relationship to a whole new level of ecstasy.

6. Hey, the small things matter


Yes a great macho man may seem more appealing, but girls love the softies too. A gesture as simple as holding a girl’s hand means more than just that. It sparks a tingling feeling and makes a girl feel needed. Feeling needed is one of the most important parts of being recognized in a relationship. The fact that you notice a tiny detail, the way we speak, twirl our hair, bite our lips, just anything! It shows us that you care and quite honestly that means more to a girl than some luxurious gift.

7. It’s okay to screw up, just be honest in the end


Okay, you’ve probably heard this a gazillion times, but no one expects you to be perfect. Honesty can possibly surpass any other requirement in a relationship. All the dating tips might be followed religiously, but if you do not adhere to this, you are problem not doing relationship right. Being responsible and admitting to things can be great for building the trust that your relationship needs. Yeah, she’d probably be mad for a bit, but she’d rather hear it from you than anyone else. Women may seem like they try to do everything right, but they’re not all that perfect. They totally get where you come from if your mistake is genuine.

8. We tend to be more vulnerable

Being insecure isn’t being clingy. Girls tend to be a tad more vulnerable than guys. It isn’t absurd to feel jealous or insecure of a girl you’re getting a bit too close to. It’s fun and games sometimes when guys try to make girls jealous, but there’s a point where a lot of it moves into an uncomfortable zone for her. If on re-evaluating a situation you find that you weren’t too close to a girl, blatantly avoiding any insecurity is okay. But if there’s even any doubt on your closeness to a girl, you should talk to your girl about it. Don’t deliberately avoid it. Insecurities can be harmless or so harmful for a relationship so clearly, don’t risk it.

9. Fun fact, girls love being serenaded


Even if it’s just you holding her by the waist or singing her a song, it’s always nice to see you put in a little more effort. Try something new, be innovative! Who knew dating tips could add some spice in your relationship as well?

10. Ask for advice, we LOVE giving advice.


Girls love giving advice and being there for their man, so don’t shy away from her by assuming she’ll find you weak or lousy. Here’s another way you can make her feel needed.

So there it is guys, these ten dating tips can help you incredibly! Hope you have made your notes!

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