10 Things You Must Know About Bewitching Bow!

The “Bow”:* without which my wardrobe is imperfect. This wondrous piece is a classic timeless beauty of the vogue yen, exuding great class and sophistication. Bow is itself a compliment, cherry-merry delicate darling of sheen and beau for the drill of dandyism and everyday street style for all the fashionistas oozing confidence and quirkiness.

Embedded in history, bow has strictly been a part of men’s formal accessory in a form of Bowtie, but later its image was redesigned and revamped and now it’s a guise of both men and women, available in bright colors and diverse patterns.

Let’s follow what fun facts this heartful bow hold for us…

True Beauty is timeless!

bowtie  cravats_Croatia_bow_ties Bridal-birdcage-veil-bow-hat-Bow at waist

Whether in the shape of a bowtie, headgear or waistbelt, for bow, gender is non-existent and is an adorable vintage piece and will always be.

Shine bright like a diamond!


This gleeful chunk of precious extravagant diamond resembles the tempting bow. Perspective!

Life is too short to have a boring hairstyle!

lady gaga-Bow-Hairstyles- Bow hairstyle

Lady Gaga was the first one to sport this alluring bow hairstyle and since then it’s become a rage.


Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique!

-bow-cute-fashion-bracelet bows-cute-fashion-flowers-ring

Bows are lovelike sensual bits and jewellery with bow motifs is definitely a wardrobe staple.


I see accessories as women’s armour!

bows-fashion-girly-heels- bow Cloche bow purse

bow slingbow heels

Bows give a ladylike sophistication, oozing out more and more charm and looks fabulous with almost all kind of accessories.

Outfit Stress? Just say yes to a new bow dress!

Backside bow dress bow dress bow dress bows-dress-fashion-pink fashion-bows-shoulder dress

Such stunning dresses are only the mastery of bow, overpowering us with the feeling of elation to own it.


Decoding the bow!

right bow left bow centre bowback bow

It’s been a myth that placement of bow in a girl’s hairstyle indicates a ‘teenage girl love life”. If a bow is worn on right side then a girl is deeply in love, while if worn on left it means she is going steady and if worn on the top of the head it says she is looking out for men while if on the back of hair, it decodes she is not interested in men.


Bows are Cool!

mens casual bow mens colorful bow

Real men wear bow ties and this itself makes a statement. The revolution in fashion has given an all new definition for bows.

Bows are Cutesy!

boy bow girl bow

Even little dinkys are not behind when it comes to bow and they equally adore it.


Life is a Gift!

gift-box-bows White_Gift_Box_with_Red_Bow_

Add life to a gift with a bow as the manner of giving the gift is of prime importance.

Even we all can wear a bow to be a gift in someone’s life and especially at the time of New Year’s as it is a mark of love, happiness and surprises. Someone has rightly said ” When in doubt; put a bow on it” as they can top-off any style leaving us bewitched with the power of magic it beholds.


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