10 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

All the single people in the world, lo and behold! With the people around you making plans and pre-booking fancy restaurants for the Valentine’s Day date night, you might be getting a bit annoyed and/or a bit upset. But wait. We have a solution for you. A kickass one, at that. Spend the holiday of love hanging out with the ones you love most- yourself! V-day doesn’t necessarily have to turn into D-day (doomsday) for all the lovely single people out there. We can have just as much fun (or even more *wink*) as a couple would.

Here are 10 ways to have fun on Valentine’s day, without a Valentine!

v day

1. Day In With Yourself

day in with you

Draw those curtains, light them candles, and start pampering yourself! If you’re one to feel bad about being single on Valentine’s Day, then this is bound to make you feel great. Put on a face mask, have a long bath and watch your favourite movie.

2. Invite Your Friends Over

night in with friends

Call your besties home and have a movie marathon, chill out in your PJ’s and even play some scrabble. This is also a great way to catch up with your friends if you haven’t seen them in a while. And if you’re having them stay over, don’t forget the ice cream!

3. Volunteer At A Local Charity


Valentine’s Day, as we all know, is about love. Helping those less fortunate than you and bringing a smile on their faces will make you feel amazing, and remember that you’re contributing to making the world a better place.

4. Throw A Party

house party

Go all out with the music, decor and theme (which is, of course, V-Day) and throw a fabulous party. It’ll give you (and everyone else) something exciting to look forward to. This way everybody has fun and the singles get to mingle!

5. Treat Yourself

treat yourself

If you were in a relationship, how much would you have spent buying the perfect gift for your significant other? Well, use the cash to buy the perfect gift for yourself! Doesn’t that sound like a much better idea? Go on and get the skateboard you’ve wanted for ages or the dress you’ve been eyeing for weeks at the mall. Splurge without guilt!

6. Spend The Day With Your Family

family dinner

Spend time with the people who have always been there for you- unconditionally. It isn’t boring to spend Valentine’s Day with your family. Ask them how they’re doing, have the chats. You’ll feel good if this is something you don’t do very often.

7. Secret Admirers Gifting

secret admirers

For those of you who don’t know, this is like Secret Santa- only a Valentine’s version. You and your girlfriends can send each other secret presents and spread the love. Everyone can have a Valentine!

8. Go Out With A Single Best Friend

best friend day out

Get your best, best friend on the phone and ask him/her out to a day of fun! Hit the movies, go shopping and have a nice dinner. Be sure to take advantage of the single deals. You’ll realize how great it is to be single and have fun.

9. Go Clubbing

Cheerful girls living it up on the dance floor
Cheerful girls living it up on the dance floor

Hit the clubs with your pals and lighten up with some drinks. This is your chance to dress up and look your glam self! Leave all your negative thoughts behind and be grateful to have great friends and family around you.

10. Travel


With the extra cash and a whole day free, why not hit the road with your girlfriends? It’s sure to be a getaway from the city and you’re bound to have a lot of fun.


Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies!

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