10 Things You Must Have In Your Makeup Bag

Many people want to keep their face natural and free of make-up but there are some situations where you just have to put on some make-up in order to not look odd. Here is a list of items that are a must buy for beginners.

1) Moisturizer :


Most people leave this item and directly apply foundation which will cause damage to your skin, so before you apply foundation or primer, apply a coat of moisturizer to protect your skin.


2) Foundation:


Well, to have an even skin tone and look glamorous, you should be careful when you pick your foundation. Make sure you check if it suits your skin type. There are different products for different skin type. Find the product most suitable with your skin type and always pick a shade that disappears on your skin upon application.


3) Compact Powder:

Compact Powder

This product sets the foundation to give an even tone and smoother finish. It makes the skin matte for oily skin beauties and frequent touch ups will let your make up stay longer and makes your look fresh


4) Concealer :


Have horrible eye bags or blemishes which trouble too much? Then, grab a concealer and hide those problems away and look flawless.


5) Kajal /Kohl:

Kajal /Kohl

This product has been in use for centuries. Wanna kill people with just your eyes? Then this is a must have product. Kohl is available in many colours so grab your colour for the day and let your eye speak out for you.


6) Mascara:


This is a must have product. You cannot just apply a kohl and leave your poor lashes uncared for. So pick a mascara, and curl up your lashes because they too want to be pampered .


7) Eyebrow Pencil:

Eyebrow Pencil

You might not know this but eyebrows are an important part of your face and ill-managed eyebrows can make you look bad. So grab an eyebrow pencil and make your eyebrows stand-out.


8) Lipstick/Lip Balm:

Lipstick/Lip BalmLipstick/Lip Balm

You just cannot go out having dark or chapped and dried out lips. Dried lips can cause bleeding and give a not-so-good impression on people. Apply a lipstick or go natural with a lip balm.

9) Tweezers:


After spending hours in getting ready, you would hate if you still looked bad. Want to know why? Because you still haven’t got rid of those unwanted facial hair which includes eyebrows, too. Grab a clipper and clip the facial hair away.


10) Make-up remover:

Make-up remover

After you are done with your day, remove all the traces of your make-up before sleeping, using a remover. Pick a remover which can be used on eyes, face and lips, and wipe every trace of the makeup so that you don’t feel irritated and let your skin breath.

When you are confident enough with dealing with these gorgeous products, try some more like blush-on, bronzer, lip liner, eye liner, shimmer and so on. So, grab your kit and be ready to dazzle the world.

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