10 Tips for Bride-to-be

A beautiful Wedding is every girl’s dream since childhood. She want herself to look like Disney princess, as her prince charming comes to her. As the wedding day is selected, every bride-to-be feels tensed. But here are important tips for you that will help you to be relaxed and get your work done on time without any tension.

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1.  When wedding stage decoration is chose, see that it won’t mix with your attire. If your dress if same as your background flowers, it doesn’t look good in pictures. Buy dress which looks great with the background decoration and lights. Even garlands you wear should be light in weight or else you can’t carry them.

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2.   Drink lots of water and fruit juices, it will help your skin retain moisture and helps in glowing skin. Early morning walk and exercise will help you stay fit, focused and relaxed. From morning sun light, Vit-D is absorbed making your skin glow. Shopping will be for long hours so carry water bottle with you always. Avoid outside food as you don’t want a pimple or get sick. Carry fruits with you when you go for shopping, eat in your vehicle.


3. Select your jewellery for each occasion and put it together with your dress in separate covers. In this way you can easily wear them without searching for it at that important hour.


4. Go for trial make-up there’s nothing to loose. You don’t want to look like a stranger to yourself on your big day. Even trail draping should be done if you are wearing a saree. On wedding day start make-up early, you shouldn’t be late for your own wedding.

bride makeup

5. When you give your wedding blouse for stitching,tell tailor to give it before a week of your wedding day or else it will be delayed. Try on the blouse for any fitting changes.

blouse blouses

6.  Every person has a favourite colour but don’t buy all dresses in same shade. There are so many colours. If you buy pink lehenga for engagement, buy red for wedding, Blue for sangeeth & green for reception. Buy different colour  dress for each occasion or else you will look same in all pictures and functions (engagement, sangeet, marriage & reception).

pink lehengablue gownyellow

7.  For pooja, silverware is used and pictures are taken. Give your silverware for cleaning at shop, it will take about hour to clean them, but they will look as new silverware.


8.  Things to be in your bag when you get ready for function – mirror, nail polish and nailpolish remover, Saftey pins, bobby pins, slide pins, small scissors, Tissues, Energy bar, Water bottle, hair accessories, rubber band, comb, bangles, jewellery, perfume, make-up box (moisturiser, foundation, concealer, compaq powder, blush, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, kajal, bindi, lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss).

makeup makup ready

9.  When carry your dress to function hall ,check weather you have total dress i.e. blouse, petticoat, lehenga, chunni. You don’t want to forget one piece of your dress.

kanchi sareesouth weddingengagement lehenga

10.  If your wedding is few months later, go for facials every month on the date before your wedding date. So that there will be pre-wedding glow. For few facials applying of haldi(turmeric) is not allowed within 24hrs of facial treatment. So see that your haldi function don’t clash with that day. Eyebrows and waxing should be done atleast two days before wedding so that any swelling at eyebrows will be reduced.


Have a great wedding!!!!!


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