10 Tips To A Healthier Mane!

Ever since we were wee little girls, the importance of hair care was fed to us through various means. Be it your grandma constantly reminding you to oil your hair or through childhood fables like Rapunzel that emphasized on the beauty of long, healthy hair. Then why stop caring now?
A healthy, glossy head of hair exudes confidence and makes heads turn. It is one of the most feminine attributes of a woman. It is a total game changer!

hair care

Has pollution, stress or an uber busy schedule robbed your hair of it’s shinning glory? Fret no more! We are here to help you get your tresses back in shape. Incorporate these fuss-free lifestyle changes into your hectic schedule to get the hair you deserve!

Let Loose!

let loose

Are top knots and voluminous ponytails your ultimate lifesavers? It’s time you start letting your hair loose a bit more often! The thing is, when you scrape back your hair too tight for longer periods of time, you are pushing your hair further away from your scalp that will ultimately contribute to hair loss and those unsightly baby hair across your hairline. So try to go for more relaxed hairstyles whenever possible. Bad hair days are certainly an exception!


Keep it Cool!


Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing hot shower? But trust us, your hair certainly don’t! Hot showers leave your hair bereft of their natural moisture and doing so for longer durations of time can leave your hair totally lifeless! On the other hand colder water restores your hair’s natural moisture while also provides shine and prevents frizz. So no matter how tempting those hot showers may appear to you, try going a little cooler the next time you shower. Your hair will thank you!


Mask it!

Happy young woman applying hair mask in bathroom

Hair masks! Even celebrities swear by them. You may not realise it but hair masks have the ability to truly transform the texture and quality of your hair when applied diligently. With so many options out there you are sure to find one that works best for you. If you prefer to go the DIY route, the options are endless! There is an array of household items that can be transformed into hair masks. It’s time to raid that kitchen of yours!



Turn down the heat!

blow drying

Laying low on the heat front will get you one step closer towards achieving healthier, shinier hair. Try refraining from using heat on your hair as much as possible. Be it hair dryers, straightners or your beloved curling tongs, all of these are extremely damaging to your hair when used liberally. If you must use heat on your hair, switch to a cooler setting and avoid using a barrel brush while blow drying. Barrel brushes tend to stretch and pull the hair from your scalp which can in turn weaken your tresses. So put those tongs down and let your hair air dry every once in a while!



Stop the breakage!

wet hair

Running your fingers through your freshly shampooed hair may not be the greatest idea! Your hair are most prone to breakage while they’re wet. Your hair are much more tender and vulnerable while wet so it’s best to wait till they are dry enough to use those combs and brushes on your hair to avoid unnecessary damage and breakage!
Hands off girls! Leave those tresses alone!



Keep up the trim!


You have heard it before and we are here to tell you again, getting your hair trimmed is a must! Trimming may not directly contribute to hair growth but it can certainly award you with healthier looking hair. Regular trimming is the only way to get rid of those dry, brittle ends. So ladies don’t be afraid of getting a trim. You will be doing yourself a favour! Chop chop!



Eat your greens!

healthy eating

Your mama wasn’t lying, you do have to eat your greens! Healthy eating may not seem plausible in this fast food age but trust us, a healthy intake of fresh fruits and veggies can make all the difference in the world. A balanced, vitamins and minerals rich diet is all you need to maintain the health of your hair. A balanced diet is truly a cure-all.
You are what you eat, right?



Get greasy!


Do you tend to shampoo every other day? Stop right away! While there’s no right answer to how often does one shampoo, over shampooing is surely not the way to go. Washing your hair everyday is a big no-no! When it comes to cleansing your tresses, ‘less is more’ should be your mantra. When you wash your hair too often you are taking away your hair’s natural moisture which encourages your hair to produce even more oil, rendering your hair even greasier. I’d suggest you start using your shampoo a little sparingly from now on. Well, you win some, you lose some!



Go easy on the brushing!

hair brushing

Contrary to popular belief, brushing your hair too often can actually be damaging to your hair. Brushing does help simulate hair growth but only when restricted within a limit. Over brushing can eventually lead to hair breakage, split ends as well as the much dreaded frizz. Excess of anything is bad! Give them follicles the respect that they deserve!



Bust the stress!


Has work been taking a toll on you lately? Or are you an unfortunate victim of heartbreak? You may not realise it but stress and anxiety has a direct relation with the health of your hair. Stress can deeply affect your overall physical health as well as lead to hair fall. Yoga, mediation as well as other stress relieving exercises can be helpful in reducing stress levels.
So chill out and always remember to take a breather, it’s not the end of the world!

There you have it girls. It’s hair care made easy with these easy to follow tips. Use these to achieve the crowning glory of your dreams!

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