10 Tips To Get The Perfect Eye Makeup

Eyes are the gateway to anyone’s heart and beautifully done eyes can be the key to look graceful, glamorous and also, help you gain self-confidence. But to get the beautifully made up eyes, you are going to need some makeup products and an uncomplicated guidance, lest you end up with Panda eyes! These simple steps are essential for you to keep in mind and you will be able to slay a flawless wing or perfect your smokey eyes in less than 10 minutes even though you are a beginner at makeup!

1. Use Makeup Remover Before Starting

makeup remover

Use a makeup remover before you start applying your eyeliner. It keeps your eyelids oil or grease free and it ensures a smudge proof application of the eye liner. Apply primer on your lids after you use makeup remover. If you don’t have primer, BB creams will work with the same effect.

2. Hold Your Mirror Right

applying eyeliner

To get the perfect wings, don’t close your eye while you try to draw the line with the eyeliner. Instead, hold your mirror below your chin, keep your eyes open and look straight into the mirror. Sketch pen eye liners work just as fine as gel liners so you can opt for either of them.

3. Scotch Tape To Fix The Wing


If the above mentioned method doesn’t work for you, you can always stick a scotch tape at the edge of your eyes and work on your liner and eye shadow and when you remove the scotch tape, voila! Neat and clean eyeliner will be making you look like the goddess that you are.

4. Pencil Liners For Smokey Eyes

pencil eyeliner

If you want soft, natural looking smokey eyes, use pencil liner instead of any other kinds of eyeliner because they are more natural and creamier. Use it on your eyelids and smudge them in light strokes using your fingertips.

5. Mascara Hacks


Before you start applying your mascara, proceed from the root to the tips and not the other way around. Doing this will give your lashes volume and will not weigh your eyelashes down. Here is a pro tip: when your mascara has dried out or has been used up, do not throw away your wands. These wands can be used to brush your eyebrows and give them a better shape.

6. Trick To Thicker Lashes


tissue under the eyes

For thicker lashes, generously apply a coat of mascara to your lashes. Dab it with fine baby powder and then apply another layer of mascara. This makes your lashes look more voluminous, thick and bold. While applying mascara to the lower bed of lashes place a tissue under the eyes so that the wet mascara doesn’t smudge away your makeup.

7. Highlight Your Brow-Bone

eyebrow filling

Define your eyebrows by using concealers or foundation on the outer corners of your eyebrows. Fill in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil of a natural shade that matches with the colour of your hair. Use a highlighter on your brow bone to make it look lighter and it also makes your eyebrow arch look prominent.

8. Make Your Eye Shadow Stand Out

intensify eyeshadow

If you want your eyeshadow to stand out, use white pencil on the eyelids just before applying the eyeshadow. It makes the colour of your eyeshadow pop right out and gives the colour some longevity.

9. Makeup Setting Powders

under eye setting powder

Dab a little makeup-setting powder or face powder under the lower lid of the eyes if you want the kohl or eyeliner to strongly stand out and look darker and fresher on your face. If you invest in good quality makeup brushes, the fan brush or similar brushes can be used to set your makeup in and around areas of your eyes.

10. The Importance Of Blotting Paper

nyx blotting paper

You can use a regular blotting paper to remove the excess eyeshadow without disturbing the eyeliner or the kohl.


These tips are for beginners and we hope to have covered it for you in all possible ways and hope that this will help you in your quest to get the makeup right on point for your eyes. If you have any tips for us that we can add, feel free to leave a comment below.

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