The one thing for which we get excited every time a festival comes up is NEW CLOTHES! The new looks we get to put up and the new clothes we get to wear, excites even those who don’t spend much time on pampering themselves. It is always the same, ethnic, traditional wear, or sometimes just a casual look for a few people. Here are some tips to make you look different, that is, away from the usual norm, this festive season.

1. Mix and Match

You can try to mix and match different looks and styles like wearing jeans with a kurta. Mix ethnic wear with western wear and have fun creating new styles.

Mix and Match
Mix and Match

2. Cultures of Different States

It is not just about mixing and matching two different looks for different festivals. Our country is diverse in many things like culture. We can also see a difference in traditional dresses. You can try out dresses of different states and wear it this festive season no matter where you are from.


3. Accessories

It is always that glamorous and shining jewellery that we wear to compare our status with other people but keep those jewelry aside after the season is over. This time, put away the pressure of looking better and try looking unique. Be yourself and wear what you like and what makes you look good. Minimal jewelry always makes a person look good if you know what to buy.


4. Bags

Use colorful things to accentuate your clothing. These are always good no matter what, for your ethnic wear.


5. Hairstyles

For hairstyles, buns are always good. It can be used for any event. It goes along with any look and can be made to look good with anything. There are messy buns, pretty bun, braided bun, etc. Man buns are popular these days. These buns are popular among many age groups.images-19

6. Ethnic Footwear

We are always addicted to those stylish heels that make our legs look good. This time, you can try out some simple flats that have intricate designing on them. These footwear increase the festival feel and also embraces the traditions that are long forgotten. These are also a lot more comfortable and easy to wear.


7. Makeup: Glamorous

Too much makeup is never enough for this season. Go all out on how you look. Extreme makeup won’t be slighted upon. Be free and make yourself look beautiful.


8) If you are in the fall mood, go for these colors: earthy tones, etc.


9) You can try buying handmade products that are easily available on the street shops. Earrings made of mud, paper jewelry, etc.


10) In the end, your confidence matters.
No matter what you do, being comfortable and confident is more important than any of the looks that were discussed. Be confident in what you have put up together and enjoy. After all, the festival is more important to spend without troubling your mind about your appearance.


These tips are sure to bring a lot of experience with fashion and will also give you a good festive feel. It is important to embrace your tradition through these looks to make this festival even better.

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