The English name of Singapore, The Lion City, comes from the Malay word Singapura whose origin lies in the two Sanskrit words ‘Singha’ meaning ‘lion’ and ‘pura’ meaning ‘town’ and hence, the name. Singapore is a beautiful island which is a country/city/capital in itself and has become a world of its own with such breathtaking tourist attractions and its spotless beauty.So, friends if you’re ever thinking about taking a trip abroad for a vacation full of bewitching attractions, cultural vibrancy and greenery and a technologically advanced lifestyle, then Singapore’s the place! Here’s a list of 10 attractions you must NOT miss when in Singapore.



jurong bird park

Flamingoes at the jurong bird park

waterfall at the jurong bird park

Yes! A world full of colours, indeed! And yes, I AM talking about a bird park. The Jurong Bird Park is a tourist attraction in Singapore located on the Jurong Hill and houses the largest number of birds as compared to other bird parks around the world. It is also the second largest bird park in terms of number of species and land area. Some of the exhibits inside the park are the African Waterfall Aviary, Dinosaur Descendents, Penguin Coast, etc and to add to the amazing experience are a few shows like the High Flyers Show, Lunch With The Parrots, etc. – definitely a must-see!


View of the singapore flyer

singapore flyer

Capsule of the singapore flyer

You all must have heard about The London Eye but did you know that the Singapore Flyer is actually the largest observation wheel in the world? Yes it is! 150 m in diameter and 165 m high, the wheel takes around 37 minutes to complete one round. The view from the top is so fascinating that one could keep staring at it open-jawed and never get tired! Passengers get to see many city sights such as the Singapore River, Raffles Place, Marina Bay, The Esplanade Theatre and a purely serene landscape view of the various residential areas that the city accommodates. The Flyer has 28 city-bus-sized air capsules each with a capacity of 28 passengers out of which 1 is a VIP capsule with a few tables and chairs where one can sit like in a restaurant and enjoy the view! Fascinating much?


Greenhouses of gardens by the bay inside gardens by the bay gardens by the bay at night skywalk view of gardens by the bay view of gardens by the bay and marrina bay sands

A  colourful and futuristic park in the bay area of Singapore, Gardens by the Bay is by far one of the most enchanting attraction spots one might see when in Singapore. Its Supertree structures provide a skywalk over the gardens and the over sized sea-shell shaped greenhouses recreate mountain-like chilly climates apart from hundreds of trees and plants to discover- undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime!


The Marina Bay which was once just a quiet river body is an example of how the miniscule country of Singapore has turned into one of the most luxurious travel destinations today. The bay area has seen huge developments since it came into existence and is a captivating sight to hold. It holds a magnetic charm to it during both the day as well as night time hence, never losing its lovely essence. The Marina Bay also boasts of some of the most iconic hotels, sky scrapers and attractions!

Marina bay sands by the bay aerial view of marina bay in the evening

Clark Quay, which is also one of the jewels of Singapore’s alluring attractions, overlapped by the Marina Bay, is known for its twin charm during the day as well as night time as during the day one can drink in the sight of the colourful buildings housed by it (some of them being government offices, imagine!) painted with all sorts of poppy colours like pinks, yellow, turquoise blue, etc in addition to the remarkable architectural details. The life here during the night is only more lively with all the buzz happening, people coming out with friends and family to enjoy the lighting and be a part of the classy night life. Truly a sight to behold! And yes, do NOT miss the boat ride which takes you on a tour of the entire bay area and I would suggest that take one during the evening after sunset.

Clark Quay clark quay nightlife boat ride at clark quay


chinatown  souvenir shop in chinatown

If you want to try out authentic Chinese food and buy souvenirs that too at dirt cheap prices(which is of course, as compared to the usual prices in Singapore) then Chinatown is the place to go! Abuzz with huge tourist groups, souvenir shops and restaurants/cafes serving authentic Chinese, Thai and other cuisines, Chinatown is a busy area till around 10pm. There’s also a big Indian temple which one must visit.


little india

Colorful facade of building in Little India, Singapore
Colorful facade of building in Little India, Singapore

festival in little india

Like the name goes, this spot in Singapore will give you a feeling as if you are in a very small version of the country India. And for a second one might even forget that one is in Singapore because of the aroma drifting from all sorts of Indian restaurants and family kitchens, shops selling music DVDs and CDs of Bollywood, Kollywood and other Indian regional cinemas and music albums and most of the business signs written in Tamil. The area is inhabited mostly by Tamilians. The Mustafa Centre and shopping mall marks the market which stays open day and night all year round.



cable car sentosa island from above the dolphin show at sentosalaser show

A popular island with numerous beach resorts and attractions, the Sentosa island is the most visited tourist attraction place in Singapore. It has four main stations- Sentosa, Imbiah, Waterfront and the Beach station. The Imbiah station is where the huge Merlion stands and the waterfront station has the largest family beach resort with uncountable luxuries provided to its customers. The Universal studios is also located here. The beach station boasts of a few pretty beaches like Siloso and Tanjong. Here you may go for a segway ride soaking the sunlight and the expanse of serene beauty that the island beaches radiate. You may even rent a cycle and go for a nice long ride exploring the place! Also, do not miss out on the dolphin show, the laser light and sound show and other pretty attractions.


universal studios singaporecylon ride at universal studios

Far far away- Universal Studios Inside Universal studios

A place to get lost in, a land to have the thrill of your life- yes, that’s Universal Studios for you! And guess what? Singapore has one! Though all the rides and attractions here may not be complete it goes without saying that the Universal Studios in the Sentosa Island is full of fun and frolic! With over 20 themed zones including The Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Hollywood, New York, Far Far Away and many more anybody would want to spend a whole day here especially with the Parade that begins at 5 PM featuring all the Disney and some other animated Hollywood Cinematic characters and the Fireworks at 8 PM which marks the end of all the shows. It also has a 4D Transformers ride-cum-show which is the first in the world! If you’re someone who’s in for mindblowing and thrilling rides, this is the place to go!


night safari board Night Safari singl horned rhinoceros Lioness at the night safari

You’ve seen enough of the human night life in Singapore, now it’s time to take a look at the night life of some beautiful animals! Yes, a nocturnal safari! And that too in a zoo! Singapore is full of unique and interesting attractions like the night safari which is not only just a visit worth your time but also your attention as it is one of the leading conservation and research centers in Asia with over 59 exhibits and 1000 animals to be seen from around the world. Some of these animals include the anteater, one-horned rhinoceroses, Himalayan griffon vultures, wildebeests and many more. You would be amazed at what all you see.


The merlion The merlion park at night The Marina Bay Sands as seen fro the Merlion Park bayfront avanue

Saving the last for the best, let’s finally come to THE MERLION- not just a white statue spouting water from its mouth but a mythical symbol reflecting the true essence of all that Singapore is about. This is the female merlion and is surrounded by a vast stretch of scenic beauty from all sides. Although the Merlion is the main attraction focal point there are many other places nearby where you can sit and appreciate the captivating structures and landscape around at ease.


Apart from the above mentioned places there are many other things to observe and experience in the LAND OF THE MERLION like the cable rides which enable you to watch the city from a bird’s eye view, then there’s the superfast metro, the tram and monorail and the most fascinating thing- THEIR SENSE OF FASHION. The Singaporean citizens are well up to date with the latest fashion trends and their way of dressing up will just make you stare at them in awe! But don’t do that for long, you don’t want them to think you’re weird. Kidding! Have a good trip!

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