10 types of bra every girl should know about

Just because bras are worn inside your shirt, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear only one kind of bra everyday, under every kind of top!
Its fun to mix and match your bras with everyday clothing and if you know the formula you can add vogue to your look just with the right kinda bra! So, here’s the list of 8 types of bra that you need to know about.

1. Sports bra

Sports bra
These are the bra that are used when you do some sports activity. You can them when you go for morning jog, gym, yoga etcetera. These bras have complete support and they hold your breasts tight so that they don’t go crazy when run or do exercises hence provide comfort to your breasts.

2. Push up bra

Push up bra
These bras provide a heavier bust to the women with small bust by the push it provides. Also some women feel that pushup bras are way more comfortable than the regular bra.

3. Padded bra

Padded bra
Padded bras were made to make your breasts look more fuller and complete. They give a boost to the cup size. You can even opt a padded bra for regular wear if you have small cup size.

4. Convertible bra

Convertible bra
As the name suggests such bras can be converted to different kinds of bra. You can see in the image above the different ways straps and can be removed and added in order to make bras perfect for different dresses.

5. Built in bra

Built in bra

Built in bra are the perfect camisoles with the perfect fit. These are the bras that are built in like for example in a gym tank top. These allow you to be comfortable and you don’t have to carry an extra piece of clothing.

6. Pregnancy bra

Pregnancy bra
These bras are made for the pregnant women and for their breasts which keeps on increasing and decreasing due to the hormones. It bra gives them all the comfort that they need.

7. Minimiser bra

Minimiser bra
These bras are preferred by the women who have huge breasts and they want to give the illusion of smaller breasts. One reason for it can be that, In some dresses their figure will look better with smaller breasts and the dress wont look as good as it can look with smaller breasts.

8. Full support bra

Full support bra
These are the regular bras worn by the most indian women as they provide full support to the breast and gives the ultimate comfort!

9. Cup-less bra

Cup-less bra
Also known as erotic bra, these are generally taken for the honeymoon or for the sake of sensuality. These bras don’t have cups due to which the shape of the nipples is exposed from the the dress, giving the onlooker a sensual experience.

10. Bralette


These are latest in trend. These bras have 3 to 4 back straps and are worn like the sports bra. They add style to the backless dresses you wear to give a chic look!

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