10 Upcoming Accessories Trends for Fall-Winter 2015-16

Time to feel the warmth of love in golden sunlight with the smell of snow…!

Hey.. hey.. hay… the season of rejoicing oneself in cosy duvets with a cup of hot coffee choco delights with style as fall is spreading its wings. So gear up guys and deck up your closet with hiphot trendy accessories of this upcoming season and greet the fall-winter in the prettiest way ever!

Accessories are like cherry on the cake enhances the outfit look making a complete bombshell, a fashion darling..It is a part of leisurely lifestyle and women’s love to adore themselves to supplement their look.

Rundown for the latest accessory trends for Fall-Winter

  1.  Neckpiece

fall_winter_2015_2016_jewelry_trends_chokers2 fall_winter_2015_2016_jewelry_trends_breastplate_necklaces_and_other_trendy_necklaces1fall_winter_2015_2016_jewelry_trends_chokers1 fall_winter_2015_2016_jewelry_trends_breastplate_necklaces_and_other_trendy_necklaces2

These are some masterclass pieces that are on trend. Bejeweled yourself with this uber-stylish chunky jewellery and be a fancy doll.


2.  Drop Earings

fall_winter_2015_2016_jewelry_trends_drop_earrings_and_other_trendy_earrings1 fall_winter_2015_2016_jewelry_trends_drop_earrings_and_other_trendy_earrings2fall_winter_2015_2016_jewelry_trends_single_earrings

Give yourself a finishing touch with these gilded glitz earrings which complement the wearer look. It can also be worn in a single ear and can play swapsies with your mates..


3.  Bracelets

fall_winter_2015_2016_jewelry_trends_bauble_bracelets fall_winter_2015_2016_jewelry_trends_bracelets_resembling_buckles_cuffs1 fall_winter_2015_2016_jewelry_trends_bracelets_resembling_buckles_cuffs2

These chic and amusing pieces are worth the investment. Its an evergreen in thing, so make a cue for it ladies…


4.  Brooches


These sparkly bold oversized pieces of jewellery gave a magical power to the outfit, adding some interest to the fabric and drawing attention over the chest.


  5.  Headbands and Earmuffs

fall_winter_2015_2016_hair_accessory_trends_headbands1 fall_winter_2015_2016_hair_accessory_trends_headbands2 fall_winter_2015_2016_accessory_trends_earmuffs_and_regal_headphones1 fall_winter_2015_2016_accessory_trends_earmuffs_and_regal_headphones2

Glamorize your look with these uber-gorgeous headbands, earmuffs and unique headphones. These are so much opulent, ornated and appealing to make you a modern queen.


6.  Scarfs and Stoles

fall_winter_2015_2016_accessory_trends_fur_stoles fall_winter_2015_2016_accessory_trends_trendy_scarves1 fall_winter_2015_2016_accessory_trends_trendy_scarves2

Scarfs and stoles are always a mark of ladylike sophistication.These slim silky hangings are closet essentials and look beautiful when worn adding a touch of femininity.


7.  Belts

fall_winter_2015_2016_accessory_trends_big_buckled_belts fall_winter_2015_2016_accessory_trends_trendy_belts1 fall_winter_2015_2016_accessory_trends_trendy_belts2

Belts are the center of attraction and cinch the waist with so much perfection, making you an hourglass princess. From broad belts to fancy slim belts with buckles is spotted and it really appeals to our senses.


8.  Gloves

Long-gloves-aw15-accessories-trend-2015 fall_winter_2015_2016_accessory_trends_elbow_length_gloves fall_winter_2015_2016_accessory_trends_trendy_gloves1 fall_winter_2015_2016_accessory_trends_trendy_gloves2

Gloves are this season essentials to save you from the chill and yet giving you an elegant look. These are the big sartorial statement of the fall-winter.


  9.  Bags

Chanel-bag-aw15-accessories-trend fall_winter_2015_2016_handbag_trends_fringed_handbags fall_winter_2015_2016_handbag_trends_geometric_shapes_of_handbags fall_winter_2015_2016_handbag_trends_matching_handbags_with_outfits2

Bags, clutches, slings and wallet are wardrobe quintessential and must-haves to carry your important documents, money and cosmetics. Matchy- matchy trends was widely spotted and noted. Bags are always on our top of the wishlist.


10.  Footwear

Anna-Sui-shs-F15-001 Celine-shs-F15-006 Chloe-shs-F15-021   Fendi-shs-F15-005  Rochas-shs-F15-007 Valli-shs-F15-001

From Block heels to boots are the latest choices of all the women’s for this upcoming season. Have the most memorable shoe-moment by selecting the footwear that ignites your inner fashion craze and be a spotlight.


Some common trends that caught attention and prominent in all the categories are the fur, fringes, animal print, laces and sculptured geometric designs which need to be kept in mind while shopping. So you all the fashion divas and shopping sprees zing up your outfit with these regal, rejoicing trendy accessories and bring out a kickass new season look.

I hope this blog inspired you and do tell us which accessory trend ignite you most and your unforgettable moment with that….

Lots of Love!


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