10 Ways To Decorate On A Budget Halloween!

Get set for the Hallowed Eve, people! Spook up your place with eerie ghosts and haunted attractions, the air inside out should be dreadful and ghoulishhh..Spread the fear around your surroundings with an illusion of googly eyes, scary humanoids and ugly goblins. Now, we know what you re thinking. How to manage this with all the expenses you would incur due to the costume and other party preparations. Well, have no fear (at east in this regard), we are here to help you out with tricking your house into a full fledged Halloween mode without letting the eve become a ghost in itself for your pocket.

Here’s presenting 10 budget friendly ways to decorate your place for Halloween!

1. Bewitching Candy Bowl

candy bowl

Time to make use of your old pair of footwear. Convert it into a bewitching candy bowl! Wrap the footwear with cheap sparkly paper, then decorate as you want and fill it with candies. make sure you clean them thoroughly with soap and vinegar to remove dirt and smell. You want to scare your guests, not gross them out with negative hygiene levels!

2. Jack-o-lanterns


This is something which is a classic signifier of Halloween. Cover clean, empty jars with orange construction paper or tissue paper. Add features with black construction paper, then pop in the candle flames, or battery lights €”and watch your “pumpkin” glow.

3. Witch Landing

witch legs

Decorate your lawn with these creepy witch legs. Roll cotton and other waste material inside the paper and paint it in stripes, then put it inside the footwear. Make sure you retain proper shape of the calves while stuffing your cast with cotton and other material, in order to give it a real life and thereby, deadly look!

4.  Lolly Pop Ghost


Cover your everyday lollipop with white cloth and tie it with a ribbon and draw two little eyes to have an illusion of ghost and place it wherever you want. Our suggestion: put them in the goody bag which you will be gifting to your guests.

5. Spider Garland


Glue black yarn onto a pompom and add a small dot of glue upon which, sprinkle orange sparkles. While the spiders are drying (2-3 hours), cut the paper straws in half with scissors and sew through the belly of the spider and string them along alternating spiders. Hang these on the walls, at the entrance, around the tables. Creepy crawlies to your rescue!

6. Goody Bags


Turn your goody bags into haunted house clipart. Cover the surface of your goody bag with black paper and cut the doors and windows with yellow paper and paste it onto the black base. The haunted house or abandoned castle are two shapes in which you can carve out your goody bag. Don’t forget to add the Lollypop ghost in them!

7. Pumpkin Balloons


Raise the balloons and add features with the black marker and tie or paste in and around your house. If you manage to get orange coloured balloons, even better! They’d add to the jack-o-lantern element of your party.

8. Boo Bottles


Raid your recycling bin to make these glass ghosts. Remove labels and caps from bottles, Spray paint them white, then draw faces on them with black marker. Finally, throw in colorful straws for cute centerpieces.

9. Wall of Bats

Trick your house wall with several bats crawling by cutting the shape of the bird on black paper and paste. More the number of bats, more the chances of your guests getting into the creepiness of Halloween mood.

10. Haunted Hanging

wall hanging

Turn egg cartons into bat decorations; just cut, paint, and add googly eyes. Make cute, cheap Halloween ghosts by painting leaves white, then draw a spooky face with a marker. Hang them around the most unlikely of places to catch your guests unawares. Dangling them over the chandelier would do ghostly wonders, too!

With these exclusive ideas, I hope your cup is full on how to decorate your place and by now, you must have pictured your perfect Halloween night with gothic knickknacks and creepy voices.

Happy Halloween! 😀

Hope you have a spook-tacular one!


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