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12 Cute & Easy Hairstyles For That Lazy Girl Within You!!

Girls, there will be some days when you don’t want to go out but you may be forced to go or when you are interested to go out but may be lazy to dress up or when someone comes to your house and are required to dress neatly in front of them or it can also be just a lazy day for you. In such cases, even if you wear your outfits, you will be lazy enough to dress your hair up. If so, then don’t worry. Here are a few easy hairstyles that can make your hair and yourself pretty and cute all day!

1. Let It Down

let it down easy hairstyles

The easiest and simplest of all hairstyles is to comb your hair neatly and letting it down. You can also put your hair to front if needed. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it goes with any outfit that you wear.

2. Gorgeous Hair Bands To Your Rescue

easy hairstyles hair band

Adding a cute hair-band to your hair can make you look pretty. Bright colours or hair-bands with pattern make your hair noticeable from a distance. Try the hair-band with zigzag pattern to give you a braided look from the front. It will keep your hair tight and neat too. Who said easy hairstyles have to be boring?!

3. Cutesie Pony Tail


Another common and most preferred hairstyle by girls is the ponytail. To make your ponytail look good, you must neatly com your hair in the front and tie it with a tight hair-pony. Use slides or small clips if necessary to place your baby hair well. One can also use big clips to make a ponytail.

4. No Band Pony For Extra Awesome


There is another way of making a ponytail, ie, without using hair-ponies. First make a loop at the back using your hair and pull the hair through the loop. It is basically tying your hair with your hair. Easy hairstyles were never so much fun!

5. Voluminous Pony


Pull the lower half of your hair into a mid range ponytail.Comb the top of your hair and secure it into a ponytail directly on top of the lower one.Drop the top ponytail. Make sure to view the ponytail from all the sides and adjust to make sure that the lower ponytail is not visible. In this way, your ponytail looks extra long.

6. Scarfin’ The Boho Chic Look


If you are using scarves or shawls for your dress, then make use of them either to tie your hair at the back or to use it as a hair-band from the front. This hairstyle can make your hair look more attractive and colourful.

7. Ballet Bun’s Fun

ballet bun's fun easy hairstyles

The ballet bun can be a good option on a lazy day. This method simply means making a bun at the top of your head by rounding your hair. Tie it if necessary. This has to be one of the most easy hairstyles due to its utter simplicity!

8. Puff up Some Retro Vibes


Take some hair from front and comb it properly inwards and outwards. Then make a puff neatly using these hairs. Use necessary clips. This style can give you a cute and fresh look. Make sure you don’t make the puff so high. In the back, you can either let your hair down or tie it as you feel comfortable.

9. All Time Sexy Messy Bun

messy bun easy hairstyles

Separate few strands of hair from front and brush them. Make a ponytail by pulling the hair down. Use a hair tie to keep the ponytail in place and separate it into halves. Use the lower half and flip it over the other half. Finally wrap your hair around the base of the bun and pin it into place. Thus, it becomes a lower bun. Oh-so-sexy!

10. Plaiting the Bun


Plait your hair, round it at the back and then clip it. Girls with long hair can use this technique. This will keep your hair neat if done properly.

11. Princess Essential

Half-up-Half-Down easy hairstyles princess

This is one of the most easy hairstyles and makes you look drop dead gorgeous. Backcomb the hair at the top of your head while smoothing out the top layer. Twist one side of your hair and pin it approximately two thirds of the way across. twist the other side and slide it under the first part. Finally pin them together. Hail, Princess!

12. Twisty Princess

twisty princess easy hairstyles

Backcomb your hair neatly. Twist the bang section of your hair back and away from your face. Insert a body pin into your hair with the ends towards your face to conceal the pin.
So, for all the lazy girls out there who do not want their hair to look messy on a lazy day, can try any of the above easy hairstyles. Now, get out of that bed and try these, at least, miss lazy bum!