Food to improve metabolism Nowadays all of us are becoming quite health conscious and the need and want of getting a slimmer and fitter body is on many people’s charts. While some of us are blessed with a natural fast metabolism, many are still struggling to lose weight but don’t know for sure what to eat or drink and what not to. Exercising and drinking lots of water always helps in improving your metabolism rate and in turn, helps you lose weight too. But there are certain foods which can help increase the metabolism rate in your body.


broccoli Broccoli is known to have many cancer fighting and immune boosting properties as well as the tendency to reduce cholesterol levels and allergic reactions and inflammation in the body. But one of the most important benefits of eating broccoli is weight reduction and detoxification. Broccoli contains high levels of Vitamin K and Calcium (which is by the way, a known weight reducer) which strengthen bones. Also, it is rich in Vitamin C which makes it a good antioxidant. One serving of broccoli can provide you with ample of dietary fibres.


  whole grains text whole grains oatmeal Whole grains help a great deal in losing weight by burning fat, speeding up the metabolism and reducing insulin levels. They help control our appetite. A very interesting fact about whole grains is that they help us eat less by stimulating fat cells in our stomach to release Leptin, the satiety or “I’m full” hormone which prevents you from wanting to eat more. Oatmeal porridge is the best breakfast food to eat. Also, brown rice, whole grain barley, whole rye, etc are other sources of whole grains.


red beans Rajma daal If you’re thinking about the refried red beans served with tacos, then NO sir, not those. On the contrary, those are the type that should be avoided if you want to improve your metabolism and shed those extra kilos. A starch called ‘resistant’ starch which is present in red beans is known to help you fight cancer, inflammation and harmful bacteria in addition to help lower insulin levels in the body. They make you feel fuller, hence, sending “don’t want to eat anymore” signals to your tummy! Also, it’s even better to eat dried beans than canned beans.


vegetable soup Soups are the most widely known appetizers and some very healthy soups can act as agents in weight loss too! Drinking healthy, non- fat soups help increase the metabolism rate and improve our appetite, thus flushing out intoxicants from the body. Drinking vegetable soups or broths is said to reduce the calorie intake in the body as compared to other vegetable dishes. So guys, don’t forget to have a bowl of hot soup rich in veggies before your meals.


green tea green tea in a cup Green tea is one of the most renowned solutions to many health problems, including the need to increase one’s metabolism rate. Want to detox your body? Want to get a glowing skin? Want to lose weight? The answer to all these questions will always have ‘green tea’ written in bold and capital.  


  Hot and spicy chilies jalapenos and garlic Love spicy food? Well, then it’s your lucky day, because scientifically hot spices like hot peppers, jalapenos, chilies, etc. are known to be good propellers of one’s metabolic rate. A bowl of chilies is likely to increase one’s metabolic rate by 8% as compared to one’s typical metabolic rate. Although this amount is quite little it is still considered a little effective and the more promising reason found to be behind the loss in weight is the heat produced by the chilies-capsaicin- which suppresses one’s desire to eat. So keep ‘chili’-ing!


strawberries in a basket strawberries Ooh! The juicy ‘berry’ is here! Who knew strawberry could be so vital for our health and metabolism! Well, do not under-estimate the power of the little juicy red fruit. Strawberries are known to prevent fat cells from becoming bigger and releasing hormones that reduce inflammation, sugar levels and improve metabolism, which in turn helps in weight reduction. So, it’s safe to say that a bowl of strawberries and milk for breakfast would be ideal to get in shape.  


  apples_00412559pear It’s no surprise that fruits are good for our metabolism but these two are especially known to boost this process and multiply the speed of losing weight. It has been proven that women who eat at least 3 small apples or pears daily are more likely to lose weight than those who don’t. If you happen to find organic apples then even better!


  citrus fruits Citrus fruits are one of the best ways to pep up your metabolism. Why? Because they provide flavor without added calories, have the power to make you feel fresh with their taste and juices, and since they are rich in fibre and water they have a very filling effect on your stomach which suppresses your desire to eat, hence, reducing weight! Isn’t it amazing? No wonder everyone loves lemons!


  popeye with spinach healthy-spinach-plant Popeye didn’t boast of spinach just like that! And we know it now because the sailor knew very well that the green leafy vegetable has superpowers that enable it to boost one’s metabolism and speed up weight loss for a healthy and fit body. The iron present in spinach keeps the red blood cells healthy thus, keeping your hemoglobin level up to the mark.

11. EGGS:

  eggs Eggs contain protein and proteins are considered body building foods which help in development of muscles. It’s important to have a healthy amount of muscle mass in the body because more the muscle mass, more the calorie usage which results in quick metabolism. Apart from eggs, lean meats like chicken and turkey, fish like tuna, sardines and salmon are popular sources of proteins. lean-meats mackerel salmon


foods high in omega 3omega 3 foods Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid which is vital for good metabolism and weight loss and since it is not produced by our body it needs to be consumed in the form of food and supplements. Omega-3 is also very vital for brain functioning like brain memory and performance. Foods rich in Omega-3 are cold water fish like tuna, sardines, mackerel and plant based foods like broccoli, berries and dark leafy vegetables.     So guys, like I said at the beginning of this article, besides whatever you eat and drink, take lots and lots of water (at least 2-3 Litres a day) and keep your body hydrated at all times. It’s very essential to add the above food ingredients in your regular diet as a good metabolic rate is pivotal in keeping the body and mind healthy. Healthy living comes from a healthy diet and regular physical exercise, too. Eat healthy, stay healthy!

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