12 Tips for Long Lasting Relationships

There is an old song from the 90’s Bollywood movie ‘Major Saab’ which goes “Pyaar Kia Toh Nibhaana”. It basically means that if you are in love then fulfil it.

This song stands true for relationships that mean to be committed. Throughout our lives we build and maintain relationships with many people. Our most immediate one is that with our family then relatives then friends and our colleagues at work. In between of all these milieu of people, we also form a committed and beautiful relation with our soul-mate or life partner. This is a relationship that one learns to maintain only through experiences.

Getting into a relationship is not a big thing. Maintaining a relation is. It takes efforts from both partners to make sure that the relation lasts long.

Below are a couple of points that we believe are essential to maintaining a long lasting relationship

1. Communication


Keeping the line of communication always open helps to have a relationship last long. It is essential to let your partner know what is going in your life, what is making you happy or sad or angry. Over a period of time, we take the other one for granted and expect them to guess what we are feeling internally, which is not possible always. To keep that healthy balance , talk it out!

2. Listen


Listening plays an important part in a realtionship. It is essential to sometimes just listen to your partner rather than providing your advice to their problems. Sometimes your partner just needs to share. Be a good listener.

3. Adjust


When you are newly in love, you are ready to do whatever it takes for your loved one. But as a realtionship gets older and grows in age, we want the the other one to adjust without us budging an inch. Making small adjustments won’t hurt anyone. It is the key to keeping the relationship safe.


4. Respect


As much as there are arguments and other problems in the relationship, never ever forget to give respect to your spouse that they deserve.

5. Appreciate


Okay, so this is one thing I have actually noticed among couples who have been with each other for long. Couples stop appreciating each other’s good deeds and things done for the other, after a while. Make it a point to appreciate small things your partner does for you. Your small appreciation can change the whole relationship and take it to another level.

6. Spice up your love life

Spice up your love life

Couples become so busy with their work and children, they forget to pay attention to their relationship. Once in a while, it becomes essential that you turn things up in the bedroom. Remind your partner of the good old days when it was just the two of you. Keep your love alive.

7. Surprise


Many couples think of surprises as childish fantasies and don’t indulge in them. But, in fact, however old you might become, a surprise never ceases to amaze you. So, go along, and plan some cute surprises for your spouse. And don’t wait for an occassion like a birthday or anniversay to give a surprise. Give one when your partner leasts expect it.

8. Couple Activity

Couple Activity

Once married, couples think that fun things should be done only on vacations. That is not true. You can plan for a fun activity for the weekends. Sift through your local clubs and parks for couple activities that you can do. Both you and your partner could use a little time off from the usual routine and soak in the revelry of your beautiful relationship. Undoubtedly, this goes for unmarried couples, too. So much for busy modern lives!

9. Say Thank You

Say Thank You

People, in general, hardly mean it when they say “thank you”. Thank you has become more of a customary thing to say like ‘How are you?” . But in a relationship, it makes a lot of difference as both partners make certain sacrifices and adjustments. So saying a Thank You and meaning it makes a lot of difference.

10. Travel


Travelling with your partner to different places and re-discovering each other plays a major role in building a strong relationship. Definitely, travelling is not seen as a relationship booster but is only in a different scenario that couples can come out of their usual zone and become free and enjoy a new perspective, which further slips into the relationship. The couple that travels together, stays together.

11. Space


Giving breathing space is also important so that the relationship doesn’t become suffocated. There is a whole life that each of the partners have given up so as to enter a new life of commitment. Many people had to be let go of so that the partner would get the most attention. But once in a while, space should be given by both partners for the other one to catch up with the life that they left behind.

12. Over-expectation kills Joy

Over-expectation kills Joy

Last but not the least, the most important point. Never ever over-expect. When expectations are not fulfilled, it kind of kills. Of course, as partners, there are certain expectations and a relationship works well when expectations are met. But at times, a person even after putting efforts can only do so much. So, be happy for what your partner did for you rather than over-expecting.


Being in a relationship is definitely beautiful, but what makes it worth is how much you work towards making it a successful one and keeping it alive.

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