13 Makeup Hacks That Will Change Your Life

If you have just started to be interested in makeup and you find yourself in a stressful place where you have the essentials but just do not know the right hacks, here are a few makeup hacks which are definitely going to make you love what you see in the mirror.

1. Find your skin shade


Finding the right skin tone is a must for even starting to apply the base of the makeup. If your foundation, blusher or concealer is not in keeping with your skin tone, all your efforts will come crashing down. Let’s not forget the wastage of your precious makeup. We don’t want that. Here is a guide to help you through picking up the right blush for your skin tone.

2. An Important Mascara Hack

mascara hack


If you want your mascara to be evenly applied and last long, put your mascara in a bowl of lukewarm water five minutes before you have to use the mascara.

3. Long Lasting Lipsticks

baby powder and lipstick

Want your lipstick to last longer? Once you are done applying your lipstick, hold a blotting paper against your lips and brush baby powder on the blotting paper.

4. Triangles Are Better Than Circles

concealer hacks

The best way to conceal the bags under your eyes is to apply concealer in a triangle that goes down your cheeks instead of tiny dots along the curve of your eyes.

5. Longer Lashes

longer lashes


If you want your lashes to grow longer and faster, apply Vaseline to your lashes every night before you go to bed.

6. Brush Your Teeth And Your Lips

lips exfoliation

For smooth soft lips, apply a thick layer of lip balm before going to bed. When you brush your teeth in the morning, use the tongue cleaner part of your toothbrush and gently move them across your lips to exfoliate them for smooth soft lips. Then apply lip balm again to keep them soft and supple throughout the day.

7. Lipstick Free Smile

no more lipstick on teeth

You will never get lipstick on your teeth if you put a finger in your mouth and close your lips around it. This will help your get rid of the excess lipstick that goes on your teeth and ruins pretty pictures.

8. Set A Focus Point

If your eye makeup is going to be loud and dark, keep your lipstick should be a light, or even better, a nude shade. If your lipstick is dark or bright, avoid bold and loud eye makeup to divert the attention or you may end up looking something like this:

set a focus point








9. Makeup Brushes Are Important

makeup brush guide

Invest in good makeup brushes and take good care of them. Expensive eye makeup can go horribly wrong if you apply it with the wrong makeup brushes and cheap makeup can look incredibly godlike on you if you use the right brushes. Clean the brushes regularly or they can wreak havoc.

10. Contouring Hack: If They Tell You Contouring Palettes Are a Must, They’re Lying!


You can up your contouring game with ease with basically just one or two shades of concealers and spare yourself the expense of buying high end contouring palettes. With innumerable contouring tutorials available on YouTube and other such platforms, you can ace the art of contouring in a couple of tries.

11. Break The Pimply Curse

toothpaste for pimples

If Mother Nature and you don’t see eye to eye and she makes a pimple to pop out on your face one or two days before a big event that you’ve been looking forward to, don’t worry! Apply paste to the pimple; not the gel kind, the white paste. This helps reduce the redness and also considerably dries up the pimple. If the bump is small, it becomes easier later on to conceal it with a concealer.

12. Set Your Lashes

heat eyelash curler eyelash curler

Use your hairdryer to lightly heat your eyelash curler. Let it cool for a bit and then use it like you normally would. The heating helps in setting the curl and it lasts longer.

13. Who Said Hairspray Can Only Set Your Hair?

hairspray to set your makeup

If you don’t have makeup setting powder or mineral powder or translucent powder, you can use your hairspray on your face (use it from afar, don’t forget to close your eyes and don’t forget to hold your breath).

These are a few hacks that will kick start your life smoothly as a makeup addict. If you have more hacks that you would like to share with us, please leave them in a comment in the comments section below!


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