14 Fashion hacks every girl must know

Fashion hacks every girl must know…

Have you ever encountered problems with clothes, deodorants, odor from clothes, tight shoes, stain on on clothes etc.?

I bet every girl or even guys in some cases have faced problems relating to the same. So today I have a few fashion hacks that every girl and even guys in some cases will absolutely love…

Let’s get started with the fashion hacks that I have compiled ….

1. You can remove deodorant smudges from clothes by using tissue or dryer sheets. Do not put water on it.

deodrant smudges

2. Use the combination of Vodka+ water in the ratio 1:1 to diminish odor from clothes

vodka water

3. Use double sided tape between buttons of shirts to avoid gaps. or to prevent the low neckline from revealing too much..


4. Zipper always keeps coming down. Worry not. Use a key chain ring to keep your zipper in place.


5. If a new pair of shoes are tight then, put on thick socks and put your feet into the shoe. Use a hair dryer and dry the shoe till it gets warm. Keep your leg in the shoe till it cools down and then remove your feet. You have comfy shoes

widen shoes

6. Always in a fix when you have to decide between two sizes while buying shorts and jeans?

Size up when you buy shorts because if it is tight it pinches around your waist and thigh and also will shows cellulite when too tight. It is always better to have some wiggle room.

Size down for pants. Pants are not going to show off the cellulite or does not pinch a lot near the thighs, thus the perfect option is to size down.

7. Wait 5 minutes before wearing ironed clothes. ALWAYS do this because it helps the heat of the iron set in. If you wear it immediately then you might get new wrinkles on it.

8. If you happen to get red wine stain on your clothes, use white wine to remove the stain. So don’t worry about wearing whites all you wine lovers. This fashion hack will save you every single time.


9. Use clear nail paint to the hinges of sunglasses to tighten them.


10. Also you can use clear nail polish to stop a lose button from falling off by applying a thin coat to it.

button nail paint

11. Bra strap keeps peeking out, playing peekaboo. Worry not, just sew on press studs and then your bra strap will stay in place. Isn’t this hack really easy to do?


12. Use ice to remove chewing gum from your clothes. This fashion hack is actually pretty easy and effective. Just rub ice cube on the gum to remove it.


13. If you have a nice tee back top or a tank top and do not have a strapless bra then use a paper clip to clip the two straps of the bra and the straps won’t be visible.

paper pin

14. Have to go somewhere really quick and do not have time to iron your clothes? Just use the hair straighter to ease the wrinkles.


These are few of the fashion hacks and tricks that I religiously follow. Do try them out!!