Nailstagram: 15 Fun And Gorgeous Nail Art Designs

Nail art is something we all want to do and show our creativeness on our nails. Everyone loves doing various kinds of beautiful nail arts but it is not as easy as it looks, always, and we end up with messy nail colors splattered on our nails. We thought to work on this problem faced by every girl, and so we listed 15 best nail art designs which are gorgeous as well as easy. We also give you a small tutorial on how to make it!

1. Monochrome Mickeys

monochromic mickeys on nail art design

We have grown up watching the Disney characters. We can’t resist our love for Mickey Mouse and other cartoons. Let’s start our nail art designs with these cute Mickeys.

Step – Paint your nails in white and black nail colors. Let it dry. Now with the help of a toothpick or nail art pen, you can start drawing the ears and face of Mickey. First, make two small circles for the ears and then make a slightly bigger circle for the face. Draw it in the same way as it is done in the picture. Let it dry. These kinds of nail art designs are simple, to begin with.

2. Matte and Glitters

media and glitters as nail art design

We are all subtle and gentle for matte in one mood and all bold and bright for glitters in another. So let’s make a fusion of both and combine it together.

Step – Just paint all your nails in perfect matte nail color and leave one or two nails for glittery nail paint of the same color. Like blue with blue in this picture. It looks absolutely dreamy!

3. Metallic Love

metallic love as the nail art design

Metallics are the most trendy color of the season. Be it footwear, dresses or accessories, we are embracing metallics everywhere. Let’s try this time on the nails.

Step – Paint all your nails in different shapes with your metallic nail paint as done in this picture. These are the easiest shapes which anyone can make and your edgy nail art designs are ready.

4. Pacman Nails

pacman nail art design

Pacman was one of our favorite computer games from the 90’s, wasn’t it? It was an addiction during those days. Now, let’s try a Pacman nail art.

Step – Paint your nails with your favorite colors. Let them dry. Now start painting eyes of the Pacman by drawing white circles. Let it dry. Now paint eyeballs in black as shown in the picture. Complete by drawing zig-zag design at the end.

5. Rainbow on Fingers

rainbow on fingers as nail art design

This is a very cute and also one of the simplest nail art designs. It looks bright and bold and making it, is also really simple.

Step – Take a piece of sponge and color it with various nail paints in different layers. Do not let it dry. After you are done painting the sponge, dab the sponge on the nails and allow all the color to be applied on the nails. Remove the sponge gently. The color will be applied on the nails as shown in the image.

6. Colorful Dots Nail Art Designs

colorful dots nail art designs

You must have eaten this type of rainbow cakes and pastries, quite a few time. But you can also try this as beautiful colorful nail art designs. This is very simple and quirky.

Step- Paint your nails in white or black base color. Let it dry. Now take four-five different colors & start making dots on your nails. Paint a lot of dots and make it very colorful. Let it dry. Your colorful nail pops is ready.

7. Soft Hearts

soft hearts as nail art design

This nail art with glossy red hearts is so cute. The pink base color makes it more attractive. Don’t waste your time by just adoring it and try it now.

Step – Paint your nails in baby pink color as the base coat. Now just make small white dots as shown in this nail art design. Now, start painting red hearts with a glossy red nail color. Make two hearts on one nail, at least. Let it dry and paint with glossy nail coat to make it shinier.

8. Ghost Face

ghost face as nail art design

These look scary and gorgeous at the same time. You must try this edgy nail art, right now. Don’t go with the flow, be different.

Step – Paint your nails in white base color. Let it dry. Make these small shapes as shown to make the ghost face. Remember to make it scary. Make stripes at the ends with black color. You can also try this with black, yellow and some neon colors for the bold look

9. 3D Color Pops

3D color pops as nail art design

This nail art is something very pleasing and attractive. Also, this nail art is looking like 3D painted nails. lets srtart making this nail art design.

Step – Paint your nails in different colors. Choose some bright colors for the base. Apply two coatings to make it look fuller. Let it completely dry. Now make outlines with black color in the shape shown in this picture. Let it dry again. Now fill different colors within that outline. Make it double coated too. Let it dry. Apply transparent nail coat, at last, to make it shine. Your 3D nails are ready.

10. Cute Bows

cute bows as nail art design

We all have once tried to make those cute bows on your nails, some successful, some may not. This time you will not go wrong and will be able to make a cute bow design nail art with our help.

Step – Paint your nails in white and blue. You can have your choice of colors as well. Make neat divisions on the nails and divide it with an outline. Do this design with a nail art pen to be neater. Start making bows by drawing lines from one side and then proceed. Make smaller bows so that you don’t go wrong on the shape. Done.

11. Aztec Prints

aztec prints as nail art design

Aztec prints look extremely stylish and creative whether it be on dresses, footwear or anywhere else. Making Aztec prints nail art design is also easy and it will look very creative and you will be getting too many compliments, for sure.

Step – Paint your nails with any base color. Wait for it to dry. For Aztecs, you just need to make different shapes with different colors and you are done. Just go on drawing squares, triangles, circles and make some criss-cross lines like done in this picture. Your Aztecs are ready. Yes, it’s that simple. Make sure to use different colors.

12. Pastel Stones

pastel stones as nail art design

Being minimalistic is always the best and eye catchy. Just be neat and creative and you will be very much attractive. This glittery pattern is too gorgeous to not try.

Step – Paint your nails in the lightest pastel pink or nude color. Stick some smaller stones on it neatly. Let it get firmly stuck. paint some glitters above the stones as shown in this picture. Let it dry and you are successful in making this gorgeous nail art.

13. Ice cream Cravings

icecream cravings nail art design

This ice cream design of nail art is a very easy and very catchy. It is simple to make and looks very preppy and yummy!

Step – Paint your nails with the transparent base coat. Let it dry. Now paint the first layer with blue color as shown. Complete the pattern with blue. Let it dry. Now paint with white color in the same way as shown. Let it dry. And at last, paint with the rust color as shown. Your three layered ice cream nail art is ready.

14. Newspaper on the Nails

newspaper on the nails as nail art designs

This is the most creative nail art design for you to try. And this is for real, trust us. You can have newspaper prints on your nails.

Step – Paint your nails in white as a base coat. Now dip your nails in rubbing alcohol or water for three to five seconds. Take a small piece of newspaper and press it firmly on your nails for few seconds till the ink of it is left behind on your nails. Now slowly and carefully peel the newspaper off. Do not forget to apply the transparent base coat on your nails because this will protect the ink from being rubbed.

15. Textured Checks

textured checks on nail art designs

These checks look very elegant and give an illusion of textures. Again as gorgeous as it looks, it is super easy to make.

Step – As always paint your nails in a base color of your choice. Let it dry. Cut a small piece of cello tape into checks by folding it. Place the cello tape on the dried nails and now paint with another color. When it dries, remove the cello tape gently. Your design is ready.

These were some some gorgeous nail arts for you but at the same time, we kept in mind that it should be simple so that your efforts don’t go in vein. It’s time to try these, girls!

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