15 Things a Newly Married Indian Girl Must Have in Her Wardrobe

A wedding is the most exciting time in a girl’s life. But, it is also the most hectic. It’s not just about adjusting to a new lifestyle, family setup, and new values, but also about updating your fashion quotient to that of a married woman, especially in India.

indian bride

Thankfully, scenarios for married women in modern India are much better than what we had a decade ago. Families are progressive, open minded and allow themselves to adjust to newness, even if that newness includes their new bahu’s idea of fashion!

a bride's wardrobe


A married woman is expected to embrace this huge change in her life that comes along with the very concept of ‘marriage’, while also keeping a bit of the old. One of these changes is that of her wardrobe! There are various things a newlywed Indian woman needs to have in her closet:

indian bridal wear



For her most romantic vacation and all those ‘us’ times with her hubby like long drives, candle-light dinners, a bride will yearn for a wardrobe laced with seduction and glamour.

Day dresses

day dress

Evening gowns

evening gown

Maxi dresses

maxi dress

Beachwear (exclusively for honeymoon, of course!)


Sensuous Lingerie


Tunics (in case your mom-in-law is conservative, your hubby is modern, and you wanna keep both of them happy!)





As you’re the newest member of the family, friends and relatives from far off are gonna come to see you, the new ‘bahu’! Also, Indian weddings call for a lot of post-wedding ceremonies like the reception, muh-dikhayi, etc. Make sure you have the right kind of outfit for all the occasions and guests ready in your closet! Now you may not want to keep the following attires in huge numbers but a few won’t harm as you need to impress all those ‘senior citizen’ in-laws you’ll be meeting.

Sarees & Salwar Kameez


salwar kameez


Your life will not just be confined to making an impression on your in-laws and their relatives, your husband’s colleagues at dinner parties and your mother-in-law’s Kitty Party friends. You closet will be stacked more with all those items you need in your normal day-to-day life.

Capris, tees & feminine tops (provided your family really does fall into the category of being ‘progressive’ and ‘open-minded’!)

capri n tee

feminine top


Stoles (in case you’re asked to wear ‘dupattas’ by your in-laws. Besides, these can be styled with any outfit apart from just being used as dupattas)


Kurtis (in case you’re too modern for ‘salwar-kameez’)


Long skirts (which backward family can ever have a problem with these modernised, yet most decent and elegant piece of Indian clothing?)

long skirt

Shoes (if you were a snickers or sport shoes kinda person, you may have to buy yourself some feminine footwear now!)


Jewellery (it could either be traditional, like gold and diamond, or it could be ethnic like funky bracelets and neckpieces!)


Make-up (you may not be much of a make-up person but your new life will bring many occasions when you’ll be expected to put some on)

set of cosmetic makeup products

Purses and bags (you can keep your backpacks and sling bags for informal occasions like an outing with friends, but you’ll need feminine purses and clutches when you’re attending functions, parties and formal events with your hubby and in-laws)

Many color women bags on white

So now it’s incredibly easy to impress your in laws, relatives, friends, society, and your husband after marriage. As a great person once said “Fashion has a solution for everything!”. Wait, who said it? Oh, I did! 😀

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