15 Ways to Wear Your Culottes

Culottes are all the rage right now. From the runways to celebs to high street labels. In short, their everywhere and  it looks like this trend is here to stay. So there’s no reason why we should shy away from it either. Here’s decoding the very versatile trend of the moment:-

1. Play with lengths

Play with lengths

This style is just forgiving to short girls. The trick in nailing it lies in haphazardness. Simply put, just pair your daddy’s best shirt with above the ankles culottes or tuck in your asymmetrical shirt with longer culottes. Never forget to wear your highest heels though!

2. The grunge look

The grunge look

Another interesting fact about culottes is that it adds shape to tomboy figures. So for all those girls who thought they didn’t have the booty for jeans, a pair of black wide legged culottes is your answer. Throw in a graphic Tee, some metallic accessories and a leather satchel and you’ll be flaunting the good girl gone bad look in no time.

3. The PJ look

The pj look

Its just one of those days when you feel there’s nothing in your closet that you haven’t worn already and you’re just to lazy to brainstorm for ideas. Fret not! as our dearest sweatshirt is being sported by models and celebs alike in style. So go ahead, pick your favorite sweatshirt and pair it with a black or navy blue culottes.

Tip: Black, white and navy blue culottes are something you really need to splurge on this season as they go with practically anything and can be used to achieve all the 15 styles mentioned here.

4. Go nautical

Go nautical

Whether you’re on a date or a brunch out with friends, this is a style you cant miss. The monotony of the culottes is perfectly complemented by bold vertical or horizontal stripes.

5. With your blazer

long loose blazers    with short blazers     quirky look with fendi polka dot culottes

Culottes blend in with both short cropped blazers and long loose ones. Bring out your creativity through layering for this look. For a pinch of quirkiness, care to try these Fendi polka dot culottes?

6. Yes boss!

Yes boss

Whether you’re just an intern or the director doesn’t matter when it comes to formal culottes. This piece of garment is so versatile you can style it with your imagination. Pin-stripped culottes though are at the top of the must-have list this season for all things corporate. And like i said blazers go really well with culottes, so for an office look try to get your hands on some tailored separates.

7. Wheres the party tonight?

Wheres the part tonight?

Spice up your style by  pairing this ultra chic white pleated culottes from Zara with a deep neck tank top or even a glittery crop top and you’ll be ready to hit any party in town. Team it with your cat eye shades for some added chutzpah.

8. Dress it like a midi-skirt

Dress it like a midi skirt

One of the reason that I love culottes is that it looks like a midi-skirt. But where the midi-skirt is super feminine, culottes embrace the practicality of a trouser yet the elegance of a skirt with aplomb. Which is why you can wear them everywhere and anywhere. Layer up with a button down blazer or cover up with goat wool trench coat, the choice is yours.

9. The soccer mom look

Soccer mom

Did I mention how well crop tops go with culottes? Well it gets even more better if it’s turtle necked and printed! Pairing this and a well tailored pair of white culottes along with your favorite designer tote is all you need to look both practical and casual.

10. With shears

With shears

Culottes essentially are made up of thick fabric that’s generally used for formal pants. Break the texture by pairing your warehouse culottes with some shear tops. And if they are shear crop tops all the more better!

Tip: If you want to make a statement and you want to look impressive doing so then, go for bright red lips with your outfit or you can tone it down a notch by just sticking to your nude pout.

11. Denim culottes

Denim culottes

denim cullotes

The culotte is the new denim. Hands  down. Be it the skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, or your good old bell bottoms, it’s now all about a more sophisticated smarter trouser style. The denim culottes are super sleek and give you a clean modern look. Pair it with shears like I said earlier to keep it simple and not too overdone. Pair it with brown wooden heel and you’ll be channeling the 70’s trend that’s ruling all the runways right now too.

12. Bloomer style

Bloomer style

If you’re afraid you’ll end up looking like a sack of spuds with your ankles showing and all, I tell you not to worry. It’s time to be brave and jump into a set of big bloomer style culottes. The only mantra being the bigger the better.

Tip: Make sure that they are well tailored though, as this gives it more structure. And tuck in your top to avoid looking like you’re wearing way too much of fabric.

13. Suede culottes

Suede culottes from theory

These suede tan culottes from theory should definitely be at the top of your wishlist. The shorter length makes it a great monsoon look and it can be worn with a lightweight blouse or shirt to beat the humidity. Just step into your sexiest heels and these will look great for a night time look as well.

14. At the derby

At the derby

For an classy yet sporty look team your basic black flared culottes with a bowler hat. Switch it for a fedora for a cycling tour or a panama hat to hit the beach. It’s as easy as that. As always in the case of culottes high heels are a must.

15. With sneakers

With sneakers

Ditch the high heels in the previous look for a pair of trendy platform sneakers and you have a whole new look in your hands!

Know more ways to style your culottes? Or have you bought these really awesome ones you just want to brag about? Don’t hesitate to write to me in the comments section below!



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