16 Reasons Why You Ought to Dress up Each Day

It’s so annoying when that chick dressed up in loose shorts and a baggy tee comes up to you and says “Why on earth are you so dressed up?”, or when you’re getting ready to go to your grandma’s and your mom comes in and says “You’re going to see your grandmother, not Queen Elizabeth. Why do you need to dress up?”. Since when does dressing up mean you’re going to some fancy party? Why can’t we look fabulous on normal days? What rule book says dressing up well is reserved only for special occasions? We gotta celebrate each day, right? Then why not celebrate it with style?

bcz u want to dress up

The only reason why you should dress up is BECAUSE YOU WANT TO! End of story. But if that’s not satisfying enough, and you need something to push you over the edge, here’s a list of 16 excellent reasons why you need to dress up every day:

1. Because it’s your birth right to look hot every day! We deserve to look awesome and we won’t settle for average.

bcz birth right to look awesome

2. Because life’s too short to keep delaying wearing that adorable outfit only when you get an invite to a fabulous party. Who knows what’ll happen tomorrow? So put in on and go out!

bcz adorable outfit

3. Because it won’t be easy to play with clothes, colours and styles once your wrinkles appear, you lose your teeth, and age begins to bend your back. Imagine yourself as a very old woman wearing a gorgeous maxi dress. I bet you won’t like the picture. There’ll come a time when you’ll show pictures of your young self to your grand children and wish you still had that amazing traffic-stopper body! Youth doesn’t wait. And so shouldn’t you!

bcz wrinkles appear

4. Because how you carry yourself speaks a lot about who you are. It’s a method of self expression and it defines you. They say you are what you eat. Well, I say you are what you wear! Let your attire do the talking on your behalf. Fashion is not reserved just for the rich and famous.

bcz it speaks who you are

5. Because it’s the first thing that helps make an impression. Make it a damn good one!

bcz make an impression

6. Because size and skin colour are pathetic excuses to not ditch fashion. You’re wonderful the way you are and you’re going to show that to the world.

bcz colour doesn't matter

7. Because you never know when you’ll just run into the man of your dreams. And then you might find yourself wishing you were better dressed to impress your Knight in Shining Armour!

8. And forget the man of your dreams. You still might run into some celebrity even at the most unlikeliest of places like your local grocery store! (Well, that surely happens a lot!) Will you have the guts to walk up to him in your shabby trainers and a battered old tee and ask for a selfie?

bcz run into celeb

9. Because it’s the best way to make your enemies burn with jealousy. They would never want you to the get the attention you’d be getting then!

bcz enemies jealous

10. Because fashion photographers and lifestyle journalists out there are always on the lookout for people like you who like to make a style statement. Who knows, your ‘outfit of the day’ might just make you famous!

bcz fashion photographers

11. Because there have been times when women walked up to me in the metro and asked me where I got that funky bracelet or the jacket I was flaunting. Stylish attires and accessories are great conversation starters.

bcz women in metro

12. Because you might just become a fashion idol or an inspiration for someone. Style trends don’t appear out of thin air. They’re initiated by one person and other people copy that. Why don’t you take the lead and let people follow?

bcz ppl follow icons

13. Because everybody is unique, so they should appear unique. Putting on something different for a change helps you establish that exclusiveness and makes you stand out from everyone else.

bcz you are unique

14. Because fashion is art. Being able to match up and blend in your scarf, earrings, bangles, footwear and makeup with that outfit perfectly is a talent in itself. And not everyone has it!

bcz fashion is art

15. Because you’ve got great assets, and it’s a crime not to flaunt them.

bcz u have assets

16. Because you need a great reason to be able to love yourself. So make sure you fall for yourself every time you look in the mirror.

bcz fall in love with self

So…Get up. Dress up. And show up.

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