17 ways to wear your button-down shirts!

One of the good things about fashion is that there is no one right way to wear a garment. Almost any piece of clothing can be worn in a million different ways, depending on the occasion at hand. Even something as simple as a shirt can be styled in multiple ways, to create interesting looks. This post will give you a roundup of 17 different ways to breathe new life into your basic button down shirt and make it one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.

1. Under a sleeveless dress

white shirt and sleeveless pink dress  white shirt under blue dress  button down shirt under a dress

Office wear need not always mean you’ve to wear your shirt with a formal skirt or trousers. Pair your favourite sleeveless party dress with a button down shirt to give it a conservative touch, and you’re good to go for your office presentation.

2. With Culottes

button down shirt with culottes

Culottes are the rage this season, and you can certainly make them office-friendly! Pin-stripped culottes worn with a crisp white button-down shirt can make for a flattering office wear.

3. With a skirt (formal look)

formal wear button down shirt with pencil skirt  button down shirt office outfit idea

The coveted 9-5 style- a pencil skirt worn with a formal button-down shirt and accompanying accessories.

4. With a skirt (preppy look)

buttondown shirt and skirt preppy look  white-button-down-shirt-skater-skirt

A button-down shirt, when worn with a racer skirt, can make for a fun and preppy look for a day out with your friends.

5. Over sized shirts

oversized buttondown shirt with ripped denims  oversized buttondown shirt

For a dressed down, casual day look, you can wear an over sized button down shirt, or a boyfriend shirt, with a pair of denims and accessorize it with a chain sling bag and a pair of chic sunglasses.

6. As a skirt

denim button down shirt as skirt

This may sound a little tricky, but you can tie up your old denim button down shirt around your waist to make it a skirt!

7. Under a sweater

white button down shirt under a sweater-and-blue-jeans

For the cold winter days, you can wear a pullover or cardigan over your shirt, along with a pair of jeans or trousers. Accessorize it with a pendant and chain or a chunky necklace, and stacked bangles.

8. Under strapless dress

black strpless dress over a button down shirt

This can be a great outfit idea for a black tie event. A strapless cocktail dress can be instantly revamped to be worn to a formal event. Simply pair it with a crisp button down shirt which compliments the dress, and accessorize it with the right accessories.

9. With a blazer

blazer and dress-shirt  button down shirt with blazer

A great outfit idea for office. If you thought dress shirts and blazers are only for the guys, you’re wrong. Take your office wardrobe a notch higher by wearing a blazer with your button down shirt and trousers/ skirt.

10. With a midi skirt

white-short sleeve-button-down-shirt-blue-midi-skirt  victoria-beckham-white-shirt-black-midi-skirt

For a sophisticated and feminine look, team your button down shirt with a midi skirt. A pair of classic heels, a sling bag or a clutch, and minimal accessories will give off some serious Audrey Hepburn vibes from Roman Holiday.

11. With a long/maxi skirt

white button down shirt with maxi-skirt  white button down shirt with long skirt

For a fun, casual look, wear a plain button-down shirt with a printed long skirt. And if it’s a formal party that you have to attend, you can ditch the trusted LBD just this one time. Opt for a formal long skirt and a button down shirt instead.

12. Over a dress

buttondown shirt over a dress  button down shirt over a dress

Next time the weather outside gets a little nippy, don’t reach out for your jacket. Instead, wear a denim button down shirt over your dress, either knotted or cinched with a belt at the waist.

13. With a cropped top

button down shirt with cropped top  white button down shirt layered-with-crop-top

Have a cropped top but not too sure how to wear it? Well, here’s a great outfit idea-you can wear it with a simple button down shirt and a pair of jeans or trousers, and look effortlessly chic for your movie date.

14. With shorts

white button down shirt-bright-shorts  shorts and white button down shirt   button down shirt outfit idea for summer

Brighten up a gloomy summer afternoon with a pair of  shorts, a button down shirt and a statement necklace or chunky earrings.

15. As an off-shoulder top


Bare your shoulders, even with a button-down shirt.

16. With a maxi dress

white button down shirt over a maxi dress

Ideal for a lunch date with your friends. Wear it with flats and a pendant and chain.

17. Tied-up

tied-button-down-shirt  white button down shirt Knotted-over-jumpsuit

Just knot it around your waist. ‘Nuff said!

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