20 Affordable Websites You Gotta Check Out!

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You’re a student, or you’re a workaholic, a mum or just an ordinary Joe, it really doesn’t matter, we all love shopping and we love SALES! But the recurrent hitch that prevents us from going all out is the extravagant prices to your basic outfit!

Since then, we’ve always been in search for finding the best deals, clothes with the best values, and websites that have easy sales and free shipping!

I know you’re a Shopaholic, you wouldn’t be visiting this wicked website otherwise… So let’s see, to begin this shopping adventure, you need websites that’ll give you the best deals, the trendiest looks and make sure your outfit’s on fleek. (Just like Riri’s)

on fleek


The outfit that you really liked at Zara is about 7000 rupees, but I can get you similar styles for a fourth of that price!

Now I know that there’s always these websites saying they’re CHEAP and end up being really expensive, and you just look at it and you go like “no girl, that ain’t worth it”,  but trust me  – this is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

So leprechauns, here we go…

1. Romwe.com

romwe 2romwe

Romwe and Shein are websites that’ve taken over the minds of young teenagers, they’re always up to date with the newest fashion trends. Their 24 hour shipping service is exquisite and their sales are beyond generous.

Visit this link to see how a top like this at Zara would probably be for 4000 rupees but here it’s under a 1000.

romwe raglan

Your everyday raglans are pretty much for a few thousand bucks, but this website has it for 600 rupees.

2. Shein.com




3. Urbanog.com                                                                                                                                                                   urban ogurban

Their bags and shoes are the highlight of their entire store. Up to date fringe bags and stylish heels available at this site are something to die for.

If you want a trendy new pair of black wedges, Urban Original is the place to go. From stylish shoes to everyday platforms, they have it all.


4. Charlotte Russe

charlotte russecharlotte russe

If you haven’t been here, you ain’t seen nothing fellas  – best outfits with the cheapest prices. Even their sales have amazing stocks. Their exotic heels are amazing, too. The collections are thoughtful and vibrant. Each category of clothing and shoes has always reached its full potential, satisfying all their customers in the United States.

5. ASOS.com


Shop from over 850 of the best brands, including ASOS’ own label. Plus, get your daily fix of the freshest style, celebrity and music news.

You’ve got the new job you were longing to get, and you want new formals? ASOS is the place.


This gorgeousness right here is only for a thousand five hundred, with its trendy cut and its electrifying color pattern.


6. Forever 21.com

forever 21

Forever 21 is the authority on fashion & the go-to retailer for the latest trends, must-have styles & the hottest deals.

Did you know Hannah Montana’s outfits were first brought off the rack f21from Forever 21? Their outfits are youthful  but their accessories are rejuvenating. We know that their clothes are glamorous and exciting, but they’ve stepped  up their game in their accessories as well.

f21 2 f21

Here’s an example: these accessories are under five hundred! Arm bracelets are so in right now!


7. H & M.com

h and m

H&M and Forever 21 are so strikingly similar, buying clothes from either one of these brands is SICK!

In my opinion, H&M sweaters are to die for, they’re comfortable, cheap and they look gorgeous and rich.

Like this one- hmprod only for 536 rupees and this for hmprod (1)rupees 871 only!!

H&M, unlike Forever 21 has a great collection of the basics. Just brilliant basic clothing to wear everyday.

hmprod (2) hmprod (3) hmprod (4)

The basic jersey dress can be worn anywhere! For a movie, to a park or for a nice dinner if accessorized well!

The black tank is essential and super chic

The beige cardigan is an essential too! And can be worn with anything, a skirt, a tank, leggings, a dress!

All these products are under a thousand, thus making them SUPER affordable.

8. Tobi.com

tobi 1tobi 2 tobi 3

Tobi has some of the most breathtaking dresses for very affordable prices, they’re known for their wide collection of quirky dresses for every occasion. Here are a few examples

tobi 1 tobi 2 tobi 3

These products are stylish and can be worn anywhere, they’re all under 1200 rupees. Who thought a dress with those stunning cut outs could be that cheap?! The maxi skirt with a thigh high slit can be dressed up or down, thus making it so versatile and such a catch for just Rs. 1200!


9. Boohoo.com


This upcoming website is the go to place with 100s of new styles every day from dresses, onesies, heels, & coats.

boohoo 2 boohoo 3 boohoo

These gorgeous products with many more, are all under 670 rupees!

10. Missguided


Stay Missguided and keep your style game strong with the freshest threads landing daily. It fosters the spirit of shopping being a right and not just a luxury, their strappy heels are in sync with the latest trends, their wide range of over the knee boots allow us Shopaholics to dress just like all our favorite celebrities!

missguided 2 missguided

The black bralet is so trendy! and only for 469 rupees

The marvellous white crop top with its precious bell sleeves is also for 469 rupees!!


11. Yoins.com


Just like Romwe and Shein, this is just a spin off of those sites so there’s no harm checking this out!

The products at Yoins are very similar to the ones at Romwe and Shein, with similar deals so check point number 1.

12. Pinkqueen

pink queen 2 pink queen

Their new year category is worth checking out, from the shiny bling to the sophisticated bang.


The offshoulder trend is demanding for some attention. Pinkqueen’s crop top is only for 469 rupees, go grab yours!!


13. Choies

choies 2 choies

Once again a spin off of Romwe and Shein but great nonetheless. Thus, their deals are very similar to Romwe’s, see point number 1.

14. en.stylenanda.com                                                                                                                 stylenanda

Their winter collection is to die for, it’s spread out over the much needed stylish coats to sweater Camis! Their bags are precious too – take a look at these!

stylenanda 2 stylenanda

The brown bag with a tassel is an AMAZING catch for only 2000 rupees. While the Crossbody darker brown is only for 737 rupees!


15. Shop priceless

shop priceless 2 shop priceless 3 shop priceless 4

This website is known for your already made outfits, with lookbooks for every season! All you gotta do is pick which part of the outfit you want or whether you want to buy the whole outfit!

Go check it out!

16. Qtee

lookbook store 1

They have the cutest tees for back to school outfits.

qtee 2 qtee 4 qtee3

All these three comfy tees are for only 1500 rupees each!

17. lookbook store

lookbook store 2 lookbook store 3

This is very similar to Shop Priceless.

lbs 2 lbs 3 lbs

All of them are only for Rs. 1370!

KYLIE JENNER owns that dress, this website is like a dream come true.

Best Sellers

18. Dream Closet Couture

dreamdream closet

The title says it all, everything you’ve ever dreamt of from Kylie’s closet to Paris Hilton’s is on this site with a cheaper spin off, go check it out NOW.


dream closet

This flawless, boho maxi is only for 2500 rupees!

Casual Dress

19. Sammy dress

sammydresssammy dress 2

We know by the name that Sammy dress is known for their magnificent dresses.

sammy dress 2 sammy dress

This statement color blocked dress and trendy buttoned shortie is only for 536 rupees!!!

Get yours NOW.

20. Lulu’s

lulu 1       lulu 2       lulu 3

It’s a bit overpriced, but their dresses are so worth that allowance you’re spending!

So now you know the secret!

From the new trend of sparkly dresses to the classic black bodycon, to Coachella outfits to back to school clothes, these websites are a sublime mix of it all!

Shop till you drop and go show off your spanking new outfit, turning the heads of every man and woman in the room 🙂


everyone looking at you


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