4 Summer Hairstyles That You’ll Love

As we start getting in the Summer and during the hottest days, I simly know that having long hair is often a nightmare. You just can’t control them, they constantly make you sweaty, itchy and above all annoyed. So, the last few days’ excessive heat (even in England, for god’s shake!) inspired me to write about a bunch of hairdos that’ll make your life far more easier.

1) Messy Bun

Hairstyles Messy Bun

If any hairstyle could win an award for being a must, it might as well be the messy bun. It’s basically effortless and handy as you only need rubber bands and maybe some bobby pins and you’re ready without having to worry about your hair 24/7.

2) Classic or Fistail Braid

Hairstyles Classic Braid

Hairstyles Fishtail Braid

You want to look casual but not too casual? The braids are here for you. The classic braid can easily be pulled on a day at the office. Is the classic braid too old for you? Try the fistail one and freshen up your look!


3) High Ponytail

Hairstyles High Ponytail

That’s just the ideal woke-up-late-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-my-messy-bed-hair look.

4) Braided ponytail

Hairstyles Braided Ponytail

Okay, I know it seems like it’s the same with the pony or the braid but it’s not! A ponytail can be too casual and a firm braid can be too formal, however, a braided ponytail it’s just in-between and it works well with busy days at work and summer dates!


All those wonderful hairstyles are super easy and can be finished in a matter of minutes. I highly suggest you try them, as they can back-up all type of outfits and styles! Check ’em out and let us know your opinion in the comment section below!

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