Isn’t good lingerie the best secret friend a girl has? It can add on that oomph and make that body-con dress look a lot more flattering. Ever tried online bra shopping online in India? Well, its tricky to get your fit right, but with the variety available, it is your best bet. Ever wondered how to get that perfect bra fit with no side spillage? Well, here are 5 common lingerie mistakes we all tend to make.

Shape doesn’t matter!

Does one size fit all? No! So why believe that one shape would. While a busty woman might want to ditch the plunging neckline and go for a minimiser, the petite counterpart may just need a padded push up for the perfect cleavage. Similarly so, boy-shorts may best suit a pear body whereas a high rise brief will add to your hourglass body image.

Not the same size everywhere

Well, to go in a store and get your size right can be amazing but that size may not be universal in all styles and all stores. You can be a cup size C for a push up bra but a B or D for a regular or long-line bra. You might fit a size 12 for knickers but only an 8 for shape-wear. The fit and size depends as much on the style, sizing and material as on the brand of the lingerie itself.

Holding on your Bra for too long

Have that good old bra you love for the color but the underwire pokes through the material? As bad as it gets, you should ditch that bra for a new one before it pulls and tugs at your skin. Moreover, your breast may undergo changes during your menstrual cycle or pregnancy. Be considerate of those times and stop overusing your old bra. Its best to let go of all those bras where the cup is damaged, the elasticity is lost or the underwire pokes. It’s time you bought new lingerie.

Washing your lingerie the wrong way

You can’t stress enough how important is it to wash your lingerie right. Never run your underwear in the dryer to avoid damage to material and lace. Dry your lingerie laying flat to retain the elasticity and never turn the cups inside out to increase the longevity. Lingerie is best hand-washed with a mild fabric cleanser.

Fabric ain’t the problem!

Another huge mistake is made when we do not bother of the material of the lingerie. Would you wear woolens for summers? Then why compromise on the fabric of your lingerie. While cotton panties help avoid any yeast formation and infection, cotton bras are best suited for summers. Bikinis with a polyester blend too come in handy due to bright colors but regular wear lingerie must be comfortable on your skin

With those lingerie mistakes taken care of, there is little chance that your lingerie won’t last long. A normal life span for lingerie is around a year. So are you ready to shop your lingerie online? Play around with colors and styles and feel a tad bit more sexy all the time.

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