5 DIY Diwali Décor Ideas

Come festivals and off go our budget shopping tactics. Buying gifts for friends and relatives to buying stuff for the house, they do burn a hole in our pockets. And let us not even talk about the mammoth cost of any dressy festive lehenga or saree that we might want to adorn on the occasion of Diwali! In such a scenario, DIY becomes a godsend. Now, put on your creative hats and start decorating your home in a super pocket friendly upcycle way. Decrease some of you mom’s labor and save a great deal on the expensive show pieces. DIY!

1. Everyone Eats Pringles, But You Shall Decorate Them!


Would you believe that this beautifully rustic vase used to be a Pringles can? It’s gorgeous enough to act as centerpiece for any outdoor party or intimate dinner. To make your own, you will need rocks, grout, rubber coating, spray adhesive, Mod Podge, and other tools for easy grouting. The rubber coating is for spraying the interior of the can so that water doesn’t leak when you use your vase.

Source: fabyoubliss.com

2) Double Dhamaka! Decoration + Gift!


If you want to start small as far as your dip dying adventures go, you can’t go wrong with these treat bags. You will need to buy these small drawstring bags from the craft or party store. They are likely available by set. You then dip dye the bottom (or top, if you prefer) using dye mixed in a small bowl. Let dry and use for giveaways or small gifts.

Source: designmom.com

3) Amazing DIY Coasters!


So you can either personalize them for people, basically with general and funny labels. For this one you’ll need just cardboard and origami sheets (of course a marker too!)

Via Drinks Are On Me Coaster


This one is my personal favorite, since I collect bottle caps!

PRO: They look absolutely cool and unique!

CON: Fancy glasses don’t really balance on them, the glasses with wide, circular bases perfectly do!

Via Erratic Project Junkie: Coastin’ Along

4) Magazine – Art!

Multiple Diwali parties with multiple groups of people require multiple theme/decor ideas!

Be proud of yourself to choose one of these as you are doing some reusing and waste management. Hello Eco-friendliness!

It’s amazing weather now a days, especially in Delhi. So if you’re hosting outdoor parties, do not forget about these super chic party balls made from magazines! Easy to make and lovely to decorate.

mag art 2

Via Mark Montano: PARTY BALLS

If you’re just starting getting crafty but too lazy to do a lot, here is just thing for you! Magazine strips just stuck on a canvas! Know the logic behind abstract painting? It is up to your imagination how to take it! Hang it on a wall if you build a masterpiece!

mag art1

Via Art Wall Evolution

5) Bejewel! Need I say anymore?

Bejeweling doesn’t have to be about shiny fancy gems, it can also be rustic like shells, maybe stones or even coins!

As unusual as this may seem, bling your light/fan/plug switch! Start with one, I bet you’ll do more! Bejeweling is an addiction. Plus, turning the lights on and off is so much more fun when you bejewel your switch plate cover.

Via How to Make a Glitter

.bejwel 1

This could be an amazing idea for curtain tie-backs too. Curtains will never be same again once you bejewel them to look like this.

bejewel 2

Via Dishfunctional Designs: Dreamy Bohemian Bedrooms

We hope we gave you some ideas to enhance your creativity. Go build something great for the festive mood!

Happy Diwali!

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