5 Fall Season Must Haves 2015

Ah, at last! After long months of waiting and round-ups, it’s time to rock the coolest fall trends 2015 has to offer. As hot summer days come to an end and the cool breeze awaits, now is the time to change your wardrobe by mixing in new fall-approved pieces with your summery staples. Here are 5 things to look out for on your next shopping trip.

#1. Bandana Neck Scarf

Bandana Neck Scarf

The bandana is just the beginning of the trends this season. Metallic, embellished, polka dotted or Aztec printed, bandanas are simply not for your head anymore. Take it one step further and tie it around your neck like a scarf . Voila! You’re closer to being the fall diva than ever before.

#2. Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots

Throw on that sweater you love, wear those jeans that make you look your best and pair them up with cute ankle boots to amplify your fall fashion. Ankle boots are the key footwear for fall and winter this year. There is nothing ankle boots don’t look good with while keeping your feet warm.

#3. Grey Denim



Knock this season of with 50 shades of grey! No, I’m not talking about the book. It’s time to give the blue a rest and flaunt those curves in a nice grey denim. Rock the jeans with a cobalt blue top and leather jacket and booties!

#4. Oversized Accessories

Oversized Accessories

The right piece of jewellery can transform your outfit from a no-no to a definite go-show. This season the accessories have an extra dose of shine. From necklaces to earrings, everything this fall needs to be bigger, as the saying goes ‘the bigger the better’. Make a bold statement with a big chunky piece of crystals around your neck or as a ring.

#5. Oversized Sweater


Oversized Sweater

Volume is clearly having a moment this fall. The perks of wearing this trend? Total Comfort.  Nothing is better than cozying up in an oversized sweater. Light woolen sweater or thick sweater, this trend is probably my personal favorite. An effortless trend to dress for comfort while still looking completely fabulous.

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