5 Fashion (T)Errors to Avoid

Should I or shouldn’t I ? , I just don’t understand what she is wearing ! Or , I feel I don’t look good.

I am sure all this comes across in your mind every once in a while.  We all are afraid to make mistakes as far as our dressing is concerned , aren’t we ?
We often ignore several wrong ways of dressing up which not only makes us feel out of place but pulls down our confidence too. Nobody wants to feel this way , not atleast in the era when everyone is so concerned with how they dress up and everything related. Sometimes what might seem attractive to us at a go may not be that great a put on. But how do we know what’s right and what’s not ? what’s in and whats not ?
Well , let me help you a little. I would tell me some of the fashion faux that we often make so that you ponder on the same and never repeat.


Do not let the love handles win


One thing that we so hate are the fleshy love handles which completely turn off our idea of wearing so many put ons like low waist jeans or crop tops or anything trendy. Regardless so many people ignore this fleshy overflow and go in for low waist jeans or tops that highlight the extra fat rather than hiding it. One way to avoid this fashion faux is to wear what suits your fine physique. Muffin tops or fluffy put ons are few ways to make your legs look slimmer and the waist chunkier. Trust me , it does wonders and hides all that fat you never wanted.


Too small to fit


One of the biggest fashion mistake that we make is wearing clothes that dont fit us right. Don’t bag yourself with over sized , too large outfits which do not fit your body right. This can make you look bad. Neither do you have to squeeze yourself into something just for the sake of being able to say – I am size so and so. Your outfit needs to be your size to make it look good and apt as per your body structure. It needs to enhance your body and not make it look bad. So wear the size that you are.


Let's not over do


What we often mistake at is not being able to team up the best suited accessory with our outfit. At times we overload ourselves and ignore the fact that it has turned too loud which makes up look a lot more of bling than we wanted to. So it’s important to choose our accessory well. Go for something really light and handy when its some casual party or outing as per your outfit. The color match and contrasting is also one important factor. Don’t color block too much for outfits that are heavy.


Do not layer on day old


Sometimes what people do is put in layers over layers or also carry on makeup just giving it a fresh touch. Never do that. It makes your skin look bad and never gives you an edgy touch what so may be. Always take of your previous makeup while applying something fresh. Do not sleep with makeup on. Never.


Choose the right color block


Color block is one cool fashion trend that does make you look classy and ravishing but only when done in the right manner. Often what we do is choose the wrong color block which makes us look funny and badly dresses , sometimes overdressed as well just for the colors that we opted for. Black and brown are two colors who should never block. So choose your color blocking right.

Hope this helps you avoid the basic fashion errors that we often avoid. Look your best , feel your best !

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