5 Health Tricks Women Will Love

Want to know the secret to a happy and healthy life? Well there isn’t just one, there are five! Pay attention as we tell you how to get the perfect and beautiful skin to becoming a happier and healthier version of yourself. Here are 5 health tricks women will love. Live by them for a happier and healthier life.




Always wondering how some women have this smooth and glowing skin all the time? Well, they exfoliate. It is actually as simple as it sounds. By regularly exfoliating your skin, you can get rid of the dead cells and reveal the smoother, brighter skin beneath. Now don’t go rushing to a cosmetic store because the solution is right in your kitchen cupboards. You could make a natural exfoliator by mixing three tablespoons of rocks salt with half a tablespoon of olive oil. Use it once a week to reveal a natural glow you always wanted.




You have got to learn the art of swapping if you want to eat healthy. We all have tried a lot of diets which last a day or a week (excellent restricting powers) but usually end up in unhealthy binges. Not anymore because you have a new trick up your sleeve. The art of swap is all about swapping your fattening and unhealthy food with healthier alternatives. For instance, you could satiate your chocolate craving with a few squares of dark chocolate.

Workout Hair



A lot of us are guilty of skipping out on our workouts because we washed our hair or got it styled that particular day. Well it wouldn’t be fair to get it all sweaty and dirty and spoil those pretty curls. Would it? But you can always use some tricks to save your hair the trouble by tying it in a slick ponytail, French plait or ballerina bun. You could also replace hairbands with pins to avoid the dread post-pony hair kink. You could use products such as volume boosting shampoo or hair perfume to save yourself from a bad hair day.

Firm Skin



The only thing undesirable about weight loss in your thirties is the saggy skin that follows. The skin isn’t as firm as it used to be and it starts to sag. But there are ways to firm up your skin and make muscles tauter. Performing muscle toning exercises is one way to deal with baggy skin. Pilates and strength training exercises will tone those muscles beneath the skin making it firm. Drink a lot of water and moisturize well for a better skin.




Eating is a highly personal and pleasurable experience but too often we take the fun part out which leads to a healthy living lapse. The only way to combat it is to find healthy foods you love eating. Start experimenting with various kinds of foods, buy a cookbook, get some recipes and start working. Get to know the flavors you like and experiment with them. Bring the pleasure part back to your eating habits while keeping them healthy.

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