5 Home Decor Ideas That Wouldn’t Cost You A Bomb

A home is never fully a home, until it speaks of your personality. Otherwise, it’s just a building made of brick and mortar. We all spend a lot of time choosing our own outfits and jewellery and what-not, but give home decor a pass. Home decor does not mean spending your entire monthly budget on one single vase. It’s all about knowing your style and incorporating it in your home, while being creative and fun! Here’s a list of 5 home decor ideas that will certainly not cost you a bomb and instead, make your home look like one!

1. Nurture Nature

Having plants is the quickest and easiest way to add some spark to your home. You could choose a size and type, owing to the space inside your home and your personal preference. The tiny succulents add a dash of whimsy to your desks and shelves, without taking up much of the space too!

2. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Every home has a mirror in it. How about taking the mirror away from its age-old utility only feature and instead, get it framed all nice and fancy to add some pizzazz to your humble abode? You could a number of small framed mirrors and hang them together on a wall to create a montage, of sorts. The mirrors would also make your rooms look bigger, so that’s an added win!

3. DIY Rug

The way a rug can add some charm and texture to a room, nothing else can. While rugs usually cost a bit much, you could pull out feathers from your creative hat and create a rug of your own! Get some old tattered clothes and cut out slim strings out of them. Don’t worry about the coloured scheme or texture differences. The more variations you get, the better. Tie the strings to each other and give it a shape that you like. A strong boho vibe is right there in front of you!

4. Fairy Lights

If you are a selfie-crazy person, you would know the difference that light can make in a picture. The fancy lamps and chandeliers do provide a certain regal tinge and warmth to any place, but they often leave our pockets feeling darn cold. We suggest opting for a cheaper and more whimsical alternative for them, the good old fairy lights! You could hang them together on a wall vertically to have a statement wall inside your room or even create a canopy for your own little indoor starry sky at night!

5. Memory Wall

Nothing screams *You* more than your pictures! Dedicate a foyer wall or one in your drawing room to the memories that you’ve thus created in your life. Create a montage of pictures with your family and friends, in different shapes and sizes to make it look more fun and artsy. You could also merge this with some framed mirrors, as mentioned earlier, for some extra gorgeous vibes.

Get on with these home decor ideas right now. You don’t have to empty your pockets, only your love!

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