5 Lipstick Shades You Must Own This Summer

Its summer time and you have everything perfect. You’ve got your wardrobe right, you’ve got your footwear right and even your accessories are perfectly in sync with the climatic trend but what keeps you doubtful about your entire outfit is that one last element before you’re ready to step out in the sun- the perfect LIP COLOUR! Is it red?pink? If yes, then which shade? Does it suit your personality, your outfit or your skin tone? Dont worry because each one of these questions will be answered in the following article.

red lipstick


fuchsia bright pink

Fuchsia shades are in every season. The shades are enough to pop up the colour value in any outfit with sober colours. Be it magenta, pale fuchsia, rose fuchsia, purple/red-purple fuchsia or any other shade of fuchsia, as long as the lip colour goes with your outfit’s colour scheme (whether matching or contrasting) its a guarantee that fuchsia shades won’t disappoint you. Also, pink shades are every girl’s favourite summer pick. Like fuchsias pinks will always flatter your skin tone.

fuchsia lipsticks  fuchsia orange


coral pink lip colour


coral orange lipstick


coral pink lipstick

Coral shades suit most of the skin tones. They give a bold and flashy look which immediately catches the eye. Those who have a cooler skin tone must opt for pinker corals while warmer skin tones are best complimented with orange based coral shades. Corals always reminds me of floral designs and florals speak volumes of summer. Hence, at least one coral lip colour is a must have this summer!


subtle orange lip colour


orange lip colour

Yes, I’m jolly well serious! Orange may not really be as scary a lip colour choice as most of you may think. The suitable shades for different skin tones may vary though. For example, people with a fairer skin tone may go for brighter orange based lip colours and those with a dusky or darker skin tone can flaunt more sober orange based shades better as it would compliment them better. If corals, fuchsias or pinks seem to be too bright for that afternoon date then orange is your colour to go.


cherry red lip colour


Brick red lip colour
Brick red lip colour
Cranberry red lip colour
Cranberry red lip colour
Rose red lip colour
Rose red lip colour

Is this colour ever out of fashion? For what it seems like there’s a red for every woman and every season. The shades and tints may vary and change but never the colour itself. The rules are simple- If you’re looking for a quick pick for that evening gala or party and cant decide which lip colour to choose then cherry red is the one for you. You may also opt for cranberry red. Never seen it be a bad choice when it comes to posh and formal evenings. If you have fuller lips then you’ll kill it! If its a morning date with the special one and you want all his attention to yourself but dont want to overdo it then you may go for slightly more subtle shades like brick red or wine red or other not-so-flashy reds. Women with a moderate skin tone can go for blackberry shades while those with a darker skin tone may opt for shades like tangerine, maroon and raspberry.


nude lip colour

Kim Kardashian wearing nude colour lipstick

Another colour which never goes out of fashion.  Not only is it the most sober lip colour shade but also the safest. Women usually go for this colour when they either dont want to apply a very bright or bold colour or are simply in doubt.

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