5 Lovey-Dovey Ideas to Celebrate Chocolate Day

The Valentine Week is here and we all have our teenage souls chirping at their sharpest pitch! You can love it, you can hate it, but you sure can’t ignore it. And we choose to love it because rom-coms, duh! That’s why we’ve got some unique ways to celebrate Chocolate Day this year! Come on, don’t drool already now!

1. Happy Galentine’s!

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“Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with!” Truer words have not been spoken since our favourite ladies from Sex And The City made us realise how much we love our girls and that we’ve got to celebrate this love even more. How about you have a Galentine’s this year with your girl gang as your Valentine? Grab some chocolates on the way to your date and catch up on each other’s lives. Pure, no-nonsense love! 

2. Get Your Hands Dirty

Buying an over-the-counter chocolate simply does not cut it when you compare it with the lovely, laborious process of making them with your own hands! Get into the kitchen and whip up a bunch of chocolates for bae. Don’t forget to wrap them up all nicely with some cute papers and ribbons for that extra Valentine mush. Have fun making them and don’t stress over it. In fact, you could also enroll yourself and your partner for a chocolate making workshop for some fun couple activities!

3. Chocolate Strawberries. Enough Said.

Whoever said you need to spend an entire fortune to have a great Valentine Week, knows nothing about love! You don’t have to go broke to have a lovey-dovey Valentine’s. Nothing screams romance like strawberries dipped in chocolate. Super easy to make (you really have to just dip strawberries in molten chocolate), chocolate strawberries are perfect for a light dessert and can even set your mood for the night *if you know what I mean*!

4. Tension Who?

Having a relationship, a healthy and happy one at that, is no mean feat. It can often take a toll on you and we all go through rough patches. We suggest going for a couple chocolate spa to relieve all your stress and tensions as a couple and just soak in the warmth of your love and err…chocolate!

5. Guess & Mess

Who doesn’t like to play a little game every now and then? More so, when it comes to couple games! Get some different kinds of chocolates and blindfold your partner. Ask them to guess the chocolate names by tasting them only. They can’t see it, they can’t touch it. You could make it raunchier by having them take body shots, err…body bites(?) off of you! Let your imagination run and have a fun and sexy chocolate day with your Valentine.

Make your Valentine Week special for your bae! They deserve it!


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