5 Must Have Bags In Your Wardrobe

Collecting bags is a form of art. An art which should be mastered by every fashionable woman. Let’s read this article to find out more about this beautiful art.

1) Clutch –

clutch 1 clutch  clutch 3clutch 2

Perfect to carry at weddings or parties. And the best? They go well with every Indian/Western outfit you wear and give you a more elegant, chic and unique look. This one is a must have for all the ladies.

2) Big hand bag –

Big handbag 1 Big handbag

You can stuff all your essential materials in this big hand bag comfortably. Carry it to your college or on a holiday, it’s sure going to make you look fashionable. Also you can carry it for all the formal meetings and events. It makes you look smart and stylish.

3) Back-pack –

BackpackBackpack 1


Ever wondered which bag to carry for your trekking trips which makes you look stylish and different but also has all your stuff? A classy, sporty bag pack is the best option. It’s spacious and so, you can fit all your trekking items perfectly. Plus doesn’t it look trendy, different and chic? Doesn’t it?

4) Sling bag –

sling 1 slingSling bags

This is a perfect one for almost all the occasions. When you have to go to parties, just carry a blingy one to jazz up your outfit; when you have to go shopping, carry it to keep your money, glares, cards safely; when you have to go to a friend’s place or for a casual dinner, this one completes your look.

5) Wallet –

wallets 3 wallet wallet 1

Keep your money and essential cards safely in a fun piece wallet. It’s compact and so, you can carry it alone or put it in any of your big hand bags. Even used regularly, the wallet never gets boring.

Having and carrying the right bag is a part of your style. It speaks for you. By using these tactics, try carrying the right one for the right occasion.

Have a good time choosing the right one.

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