5 Must have lingerie for all brides-to-be

A bride at her wedding often neglects a crucial part of her regular must-haves, and that is her lingerie. She ensures to carefully select her outfits for each function, jewellery to perfectly match the same and enhance her attire but what about her essentials like lingerie which make her feel comfortable from the inside and enhance her look from the outside.

So, if you plan on tying the knot soon, here are few of the most essential lingerie that you should have in your wardrobe!

#1. T-shirt bras


Yes, you will totally love all the attention that you will be getting.And, the last thing you would want is everyone’s attention where it is not required. The t-shirt bra is a must-have during such times, as it provides you with the perfect shape and comfort required for any outfit that you wear. It is suitable to be worn under both western and Indian outfits, and helps avoid unwanted attention and makes your breasts look perfect! A t-shirt bra is a must-have for your confident and carefree appearance.

#2. ‘Date night’ bras


It is all about loving what is underneath! Just like ‘strapless bras’ could help you feel carefree in your backless ghagra and a ‘push-up bra’ would help enhance the perfect curves in your wedding outfit. Date night bras are a must-have in your trousseau, they also include bralettes. They go with almost any outfit, especially those sexy backless dresses that you would want to flaunt on your honeymoon, or first date night, post your wedding. It not only makes one feel comfortable in their outfit, but enhances the overall appearance too!

#3. Must-have Shapewear



#4. Lace lingerie


For any bride who wishes to feel beautiful inside-out, a must-have are lace lingerie sets  not only an ideal choice, but a ‘top of the charts’ option as well. Lace lingerie is a must-have as it not only helps to tease, but also please your man! It makes one look sexy in almost any outfit, and can go with both western and Indian wear!

#5. ‘No panty line’ briefs


A lot of women tend to ignore the importance of picking up different types of briefs required for different outfits. This is one of the biggest blunders you could make especially during the wedding time. Just like bras are essential to enhance the look of any outfit, so are different types of briefs. A no panty line brief is a must-have for all the pre wedding and post wedding functions.

Bridal nightwear and lingerie is as essential for a bride as much as her clothes and accessories are. She must be smart in picking out the right color, type of lingerie to wear under her outfits so that she looks flawless and complete on her special day!


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